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Package org.jabref.gui

class AbstractViewModel
class BasePanel
enum BasePanelMode
Defines the different modes that the BasePanel can operate in
class BasePanelPreferences
class ClipBoardManager
class DefaultInjector
interface Dialog
interface DialogService
This interface provides methods to create dialogs and show them to the ...
class DragAndDropDataFormats
Contains all the different DataFormat s that may occur in JabRef.
class DragAndDropHelper
class EntryTypeView
Dialog that prompts the user to choose a type for an entry. Returns nul...
class EntryTypeViewModel
class FXDialog
This class provides a super class for all dialogs implemented in JavaFX...
class JabRefDialogService
This class provides methods to create default JavaFX dialogs which will...
class JabRefFrame
The main window of the application.
class OpenConsoleAction
class SendAsEMailAction
Sends the selected entry as email - by Oliver Kopp It uses the mailto:-...
class SidePane
The side pane is displayed at the left side of JabRef and shows instanc...
abstract class SidePaneComponent
class SidePaneManager
Manages which SidePaneComponent s are shown.
enum SidePaneType
Definition of all possible components in the side pane.
class StateManager
This class manages the GUI-state of JabRef, including: - currently sele...
class UpdateTimestampListener
Updates the timestamp of changed entries if the feature is enabled
class WaitForSaveFinishedDialog
Dialog shown when closing of application needs to wait for a save opera...
class? BorderPane
abstract class SimpleCommand
A simple command that does not track progress of the action.
class? Alert
class BaseDialog
interface PresenterFactory
class? StackPane
dialogServiceframemodepreferencessidePaneManagerbasePaneldialogServiceviewModelbasePaneldialogServicedialogServicesidePanesidePaneManagerstateManagerstateManagerdialogServicestateManagermanagercomponents 0..* sidePanedialogService