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Package org.jabref.logic.layout

abstract class AbstractParamLayoutFormatter
This is an abstract implementation of ParamLayoutFormatter, which provi...
class Layout
class LayoutEntry
interface LayoutFormatter
The LayoutFormatter is used for a Filter design-pattern. Implementing c...
class LayoutFormatterBasedFormatter
When having to use a LayoutFormatter as Formatter, this class is helpfu...
class LayoutFormatterPreferences
class LayoutHelper
Helper class to get a Layout object. LayoutHelper helper = new LayoutHe...
interface ParamLayoutFormatter
This interface extends LayoutFormatter, adding the capability of taking...
class StringInt
String and integer value.
interface Serializable
abstract class Formatter
The Formatter is used for a Filter design-pattern. Extending classes ha...
layoutEntries 0..* layoutEntries 0..* option 0..* prefslayoutFormatterparsedEntries 0..* prefs