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Package org.jabref.model.groups

abstract class AbstractGroup
Base class for all groups.
class AllEntriesGroup
This group contains all entries. Always. At any time!
abstract class AutomaticGroup
class AutomaticKeywordGroup
class AutomaticPersonsGroup
class ExplicitGroup
This group contains entries, which were manually assigned to it. Assign...
interface GroupEntryChanger
Some groups can change entries so that they match (or no longer match) ...
enum GroupHierarchyType
class GroupTreeNode
A node in the groups tree that holds exactly one AbstractGroup.
abstract class KeywordGroup
Matches entries based on a search phrase relative to the content in a s...
class RegexKeywordGroup
Matches entries if the content of a given field is matched by a regular...
class SearchGroup
This group matches entries by a complex search pattern, which might inc...
class TexGroup
class WordKeywordGroup
Matches entries if a given field contains a specified word.
interface FileUpdateListener
abstract class TreeNode
Represents a node in a tree. Usually, tree nodes have a value property ...
interface SearchMatcher