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Package com.cloudera.oryx.app.serving

abstract class AbstractConsoleResource
Superclass of web resources that contain a small console for a Serving ...
abstract class AbstractOryxResource
Superclass of all Serving Layer application endpoints.
class FileItemPart
Adapter from FileItem to Part , for use in tests while still necessary ...
class IDCount
Encapsulates a String ID and a count.
abstract class IDEntity
Superclass of objects that encapsulate, among other things, a String ID.
class IDValue
Encapsulates a String ID and a floating-point value.
class Ready
Responds to a HEAD or GET request to /ready and returns Response.Statu...
interface HasCSV
Implementations of this interface can produce a CSV representation. Thi...
interface Serializable
interface Part
abstract class OryxResource
A utility class that can serve as a superclass of Serving Layer applica...