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Package com.cloudera.oryx.lambda.batch

class BatchLayer
Main entry point for Oryx Batch Layer.
class BatchUpdateFunction
Framework for executing the batch layer update, and storing data to per...
class SaveToHDFSFunction
Function that saves RDDs to HDFS -- only if they're non empty, to preve...
class ScalaBatchLayerUpdateAdapter
Adapts a ScalaBatchLayerUpdate to be a Java BatchLayerUpdate .
class ValueToWritableFunction
Translates a key and message value object into Writable s encapsulating...
class ValueWritableConverter
Utility class that automatically converts a value object to and from a ...
class WritableToValueFunction
Translates a key and message in Writable s format to value objects.
interface UNKNOWN
interface BatchLayerUpdate
Implementations of this interface define the update process for an inst...
abstract class AbstractSparkLayer
Encapsulates commonality between Spark-based layer processes, com.cloud...