Visual documentation for your project.

At SourceSpy, we are solving the problem of missing, outdated, or difficult to read project documentation. We automatically create a complete set of architecture diagrams illustrating all components of the software project. We simplify code analysis, developer onboarding, and knowledge transfer in modern software development teams.
Create Diagrams for GitHub Project
Our service is powering documentation of selected GitHub projects (see examples on the right).

If you are interested in creating similar documentation for your project, please let us know.
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Complete Documentation
47 modules; 990 classes
Complete Documentation
1127 classes
Complete Documentation
16 modules; 242 classes
Create Diagrams for Individual Files
If you are not ready to document the entire project, you can create individual diagrams. Just upload your code below and have SourceSpy build diagram for you.
  • Diagrams created automatically
  • You can change diagrams in your browser
  • We host diagrams for you
  • You can always update your diagrams
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