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Create a Visual Map of Project Code

Turn Java code into interactive project map to help visitors learn your code and engage faster

We analyze code repositories to create a comprehensive set of architecture diagrams include module, build, data model, and others. Maintainers spend less time documenting the code and new developers start contributing faster.

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Create Your Project Map

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We host and regularly update the map
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Sample Diagram Types

Selected Projects

Some of the GitHub projects relying on SourceSpy to on-board contributors:
OSMDroid - OpenStreetMap Tools for Android
11 Maven Modules, 688 Java Classes, Android UI
SourceSpy Repository Map (source)
DJL-Serving - A universal scalable machine learning model deployment solution
12 Gradle Modules, 287 Classes, Library
SourceSpy Repository Map (source)
MeteoInfo - scientific computation and visualization environment
16 Maven Modules, 1773 Clases, Java Swing UI
SourceSpy Repository Map (source) - parameterized framework for use on servers and IoT
15 Maven Modules, 1019 classes, Provides REST API
SourceSpy Repository Map (source)
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