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A clear view of source code

Spend less time reading the code and more writing it. SourceSpy analyses complex source files and represents them as simple interactive diagrams. You can quickly understand the code and get to contributing faster.

Try Now (beta)

Our service is still under development, but here you can try an early version by providing java source or selecting one of the sample Java files.

- Java: Class Overview (example)
- Ant: build.xml script overview (example)
Coming Soon:
- Java: Class Hierarchy and Data Model diagram
- SQL: data model diagram
- Maven Build: outline
- Regular Expressions: state diagram
- HTML/JSP: links/includes diagram
- ...

Build Diagram

Our Vision

We analyze project source code to provide a comprehensive and intuitive view of application components making it easy to learn, support and transfer source code knowledge in your project.


account_tree Visual Representation We present majority of code information as a set of interactive diagrams making it more convenient and effective than conventional methods.

insights Automated Code Analysis We analyze source code to give you a comprehensive view of your current code base. All objects, modules and build scripts will be available in your documents.

view_in_ar Integrated View We present an integrated view of the application components adding source code, HTML, documents and build scripts to the diagram, ensuring a comprehensive picture of your system.

tips_and_updates Always Up To Date Our system collects information directly from code base ensuring that whenever you change your source code or scripts, the changes are automatically reflected in the documents.

draw Capture Knowledge Your Way You can not only view the diagrams but also create new once capturing your knowledge or modeling modification scenarios.

Use Cases

manage_search Enhance Code Comprehension Help developers understand and navigate code with ease, including searching and managing impact scope.

document_scanner Streamline Code Documentation Ensure operational continuity for senior development staff, especially in the event of key personnel departures.

track_changes Facilitate Change Management Visualize the full scope and potential impact of code changes, making code reviews more efficient and effective.

handyman Simplify Refactoring Improve code cleanup and technical debt management by providing a comprehensive visual overview of potential changes.

schema Visualize Microservices Migration Plan and understand the impact of moving to or updating architecture with ease.

thumbs_up_down Assess Code Quality Evaluate the quality of third-party code during acquisition or investment activities and outsourcing efforts.

directions_run Speed up Engineer Onboarding Help new engineers become effective more quickly by providing a full picture of the product.

browse_activity Support Legacy Code Acquisition Make it easier for new individuals or companies to support old codebases with limited information.


The second version of the product is currently being prepared for the release. Subscribe to product updates and release notification please email to


Hey there! I'm an experienced software engineer turned technology director.

Over the years, I've seen my fair share of poorly documented or complex applications that take weeks to learn. And let's be real, the best tool helping you is still a whiteboard and the code editor in your IDE.

But I believe there's a better way. A way where the computer not only helps you explore the application structure, but also assess its complexity and plan changes. I'm on a mission to make this a reality and give developers more time to write code and less time staring at it.

Join me on this journey and make a real difference in your development process.

-- Alex