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SourceSpy Diagram Editor is built specifically for software diagrams.

It is customized for developers (forget org-charts and floor plans) and can create diagrams from Java code you provide.
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GitHub Project Diagrams

Automatic dashboard for GitHub projects:
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GitHub Diagrams:
CommonMark/Markdown Java parser
126 packages, 1006 classes
Lambda architecture for Machine Learning
53 packages, 191 classes
Reference management for Bib(La)TeX
222 packages, 1345 classes
Digital currency trading API
19 packages, 120 classes
Runtime Java Feature Manager
92 packages, 353 classes
Integrative Genomics Viewer
77 packages, 1178 classes
Open Source SMT PnP Machine
48 packages, 486 classes
Open Route Service
63 packages, 565 classes
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