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Module Dependency Diagram

Module bboxdb-commons
BBoxDB Commons
Module bitfinex-v2-wss-api
100 classes. Implementation of the Bitfinex v2 websocket AP I
Module guava
Guava is a suite of core and e xpanded libraries that includ e utility classes, google...
Module json
JSON is a light-weight, langua ge independent, data intercha nge format. See http://ww...
Module junit
JUnit is a unit testing framew ork for Java, created by Eric h Gamma and Kent Beck.
Module log4j-core
The Apache Log4j Implementatio n
Module log4j-slf4j-impl
The Apache Log4j SLF4J API bin ding to Log4j 2 Core
Module mockito-core
Mockito mock objects library c ore API and implementation
Module tyrus-standalone-client-jdk
Tyrus Standalone Client JDK