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Interfaceno source
interface Serializable
no source
class? Comparable
no source
class? TreeSet
no source
class? Callable
no source
class? RejectedExecutionHandler
no source
class? ThreadFactory
class Event
Audit information relevant to features.
class EventBuilder
class EventConstants
Constant for Events.
class EventPublisher
Default implementation of repo sitory.
class EventQueryDefinition
Sample Query into Event Reposi tory.
class EventRejectedExecutionHandler
Handle Rejects when publishing event.
class EventSeries
Proposal of data structure to store a set of events.
class EventWorker
Worker to save Event into Even tRepository asynchronously.
class MutableHitCount
Utility class to perform some computation. The mutable impl ementation is more effici...
class PublisherThreadFactory
Proposition of creation of new theards to enforce thread na mes.
interface EventRepository
Persistence store for Event me ssages.