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class RedisCommands
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class RedisAdvancedClusterCommands
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interface Serializable
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class? Runnable
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class CachingProvider
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class Cache
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class CacheManager
interface FF4JCacheManager
Cache Layer on top of FeatureS tore to enhance performances.
class FF4jCacheManagerRedis
Implementation of ditributed c ache to limit overhead, with REDIS (JEDIS).
class FF4jCacheManagerRedisLettuce
Implementation of ditributed c ache to limit overhead, with REDIS (JEDIS).
class FF4jCacheProxy
Access to FeatureStore could g enerate some overhead and dec rease performances. This ...
class FF4jJCacheManager
Implementation of FF4JCacheMan ager with reference interface JCache Cache .
class FeatureCacheProviderEhCache
Cache-aside implementation wit h EHCACHE. Application code u ses the cache directly. T...
class InMemoryCacheEntry
Cache entry with object and in serted Date.
class InMemoryCacheManager
Proposition of inmemory cache implementation. Warn : DO NOT USE THIS CACHE WHEN WORK...
class Store2CachePollingScheduler
Poll target stores on a fixed delay basis and fill cache to avoid reaching TTL of key.
class Store2CachePollingWorker
Working thread to poll and fet ch data from store and copy t o local cache.
interface FeatureStore
Repository to persist Feature (s)
interface PropertyStore
CRUD repository to perform ope ration on properties.
class RedisConnection
Connection to redis DataBase.
class RedisKeysBuilder
Create keys in a single place to allow extensions, prefix, suffix.
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class Logger
keyBuilderredisConnectionkeyBuilderredisCommandsredisCommandsClustercacheManagerstore2CachePollertargetFeatureStoretargetPropertyStorecachingProviderLOGcacheFeaturescacheManagerfeaturesCache 0..* workercacheManagerff4JCacheProxysourceFeatureStoresourcePropertyStore