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Interfaceno source
interface Serializable
interface FeatureStore
Repository to persist Feature (s)
class FlippingExecutionContext
Pojo holding an execution cont ext to perform FlippingStrate gy evaluations.
class FF4jDroolsFlippingStrategy
Proposition of FlippingStrateg y delegating the evaluation o f feature toggling to the...
class FF4jDroolsRequest
Wrapper Bean for ff4j context FlippingExecutionContext to b e used as Drools Fact.
class FF4jDroolsService
Singleton pattern to instancia te drool Session once and be reused for each feature. ...
abstract class AbstractFlipStrategy
Super class for FlippingStrate gy implementation with utilit ies.
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class KieServices
no source
class KieContainer
no source
class KieSession
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class Logger