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class FF4j
Principal class stands as publ ic api to work with FF4J. It embeddes a FeatureStore t...
class Feature
Represents a feature flag iden tified by an unique identifie r. Features Flags or Feat...
abstract class Property
Abstraction of Property.
class FF4jPropertiesPlaceHolderConfigurer
PostProcessorFactory used to p erform replacement of @ff4jPr operty{""} in XML files b...
class PropertiesPlaceHolderBeanDefinitionVisitor
Pattern Bean Visitor.
no source
class Logger
no source
class BeanFactory
no source
class BeanFactoryAware
no source
class BeanNameAware
no source
class BeanDefinitionVisitor
no source
class BeanFactoryPostProcessor
no source
class Ordered
beanFactoryff4jLOGGERfeaturesMap 0..* propertiesMap 0..*