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abstract class AbstractEventRepository
Superclass implementing the cu stom serialization.
abstract class AbstractPropertyStore
Superclass for any property st ore.
class EventRepositorySpringJdbc
Implementation of EventReposit ory to leverage on Spring Sec urity.
class FeatureStoreSpringJdbc
Implementation of FeatureStore to work with RDBMS through J DBC.
class PropertyStoreSpringJdbc
Implementation of PropertyStor e with SpringJDBC.
class CustomPropertyRowMapper
Convert resultset into Propert yString .
class EventRowMapper
Mapper to unmarshell an Event from result.Leveraging on exi sting JdbcEventMapper
class FeatureRowMapper
Mapper to convert result into
abstract class AbstractFeatureStore
SuperClass for stores.
class JdbcQueryBuilder
Create JDBC queries for FF4J w ith capabilities to
no source
class JdbcTemplate