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class ObjectMapper
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class RedisCommands
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class RedisAdvancedClusterCommands
abstract class AbstractEventRepository
Superclass implementing the cu stom serialization.
class FF4jJCacheManager
Implementation of FF4JCacheMan ager with reference interface JCache Cache .
class Feature
Represents a feature flag iden tified by an unique identifie r. Features Flags or Feat...
interface FeatureStore
Repository to persist Feature (s)
class FF4jEhCacheWrapper
Wrapping EHCache Cache to mutu alized initialization.
abstract class AbstractPropertyStore
Superclass for any property st ore.
class JdbcPropertyMapper
Convert resultset into Propert yString .
class RedisConnection
Connection to redis DataBase.
class RedisKeysBuilder
Create keys in a single place to allow extensions, prefix, suffix.
abstract class AbstractFeatureStore
SuperClass for stores.
class EventRepositoryEhCache
Provides implementation of Eve ntRepository working with EHC ACHE storage.
class EventRepositoryRedis
Persist audit events into REDI S storage technology.
class EventRepositoryRedisLettuce
Persist audit events into REDI S storage technology.
class FeatureStoreEhCache
FeatureStore to persist data into
class FeatureStoreJCache
Generic FeatureStore to persis t properties in a JCache (JSR 107) compliant storage.
class FeatureStoreRedis
FeatureStore to persist data into
class FeatureStoreRedisLettuce
Implementing the feature stora ge methods.
class InMemoryFeatureStore
Storing states of feature inme mory with initial values. Cou ld be used mostly for tes...
class JdbcEventMapper
Map resultset into Event
class JdbcFeatureMapper
Map resultset into Feature
class JdbcFeatureStore
Implementation of FeatureStore to work with RDBMS through J DBC.
class JdbcQueryBuilder
Create JDBC queries for FF4J w ith capabilities to
class JdbcStoreConstants
Specialization of a Feature st ore to add sql query.
class PropertyStoreEhCache
Store Property into EHCache.
class PropertyStoreJCache
Generic PropertyStore to persi st properties in a JCache (JS R107) compliant storage.
class PropertyStoreRedis
Implementation of property sto re for REDIS.
class PropertyStoreRedisLettuce
Implementation of property sto re for REDIS.
keyBuilderobjectMapperredisConnectionkeyBuilderobjectMapperredisCommandsredisCommandsClusterwrappercacheManagerkeyBuilderredisConnectionkeyBuilderredisCommandsredisCommandsClusterfeaturesMap 0..* JDBC_FEATURE_MAPPERJDBC_PROPERTY_MAPPERqueryBuilderwrappercacheManagerkeyBuilderredisConnectionkeyBuilderredisCommandsredisCommandsCluster