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class? ExceptionMapper
class FF4j
Principal class stands as publ ic api to work with FF4J. It embeddes a FeatureStore t...
interface EventRepository
Persistence store for Event me ssages.
interface FeatureStore
Repository to persist Feature (s)
interface PropertyStore
CRUD repository to perform ope ration on properties.
abstract class AbstractResource
SuperClass for common injectio ns.
class FF4jResource
This is the parent class for F F4J the REST API.
class FeatureResource
Represent a feature as WebReso urce.
class FeatureStoreResource
WebResource representing the s tore.
class GroupResource
WebResource representing a gro up of features.
class MonitoringResource
Monitoring Resource.
class PropertyResource
WebResource representing the s tore.
class PropertyStoreResource
class RuntimeExceptionMapper
Encapsulation of exception dur ing FeatureWebService accesse s.