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class? HttpServlet
class FF4j
Principal class stands as publ ic api to work with FF4J. It embeddes a FeatureStore t...
class ApiConfig
Bean to configure security for the WebAPI. This custom bean is defined to limit depe...
class ApiConfigBuilder
Helper to build an instance of ApiConfig and initialize the REST API.
class FF4jDispatcherServlet
Unique Servlet to manage FlipP oints and security
interface FF4jProvider
Loader for class ff4j within E mbedded Administration Consol e.
class FF4jServlet
Servlet initialisation to put FF4J in HTTP Session.
class FF4jWebConstants
Constants used in the FF4J RES TFul Api Definition.
abstract class AbstractController
Display view.
class OperationsController
Mini API to get informations t hrough AJAX in JSON.
class StaticResourceController
Load static resource and creat e response, overriding conten t type.
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class Logger
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class TemplateEngine
ff4japiConfigLOGGERff4jff4jProvidermapOfControllers 0..* operationsControllerstaticResourceControllertemplateEngine