Architecture Diagrams for /vsch/flexmark-java[edit]
Packages / Module flexmark-util / com.vladsch.flexmark.util.builder / BuilderBase

abstract class BuilderBase

Class fields and methodsA
abstract class BuilderBase
constructor BuilderBase()
constructor BuilderBase(options)
method addExtensionApiPoint(apiPoint)
method build()
method extensions(extensions)
method get(key)
method loadExtension(extension)
method loadExtensions()
method preloadExtension(extension)
method removeApiPoint(apiPoint)
method removeExtensions(options,excludeExtensions)
method set(key,value)
method set(key,value)
Call to add extension API point to track
Get the given key, if it does not exist then use the key's factory to c...
Load extension if it is valid
Preload operation for extension, perform any data config and other oper...
Remove apiPoint from state information
Remove given extensions from options[EXTENSIONS] data key.
Tracks keys set by extension initialization