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Packages / Module flexmark-util / com.vladsch.flexmark.util.format / TableCellOffsetInfo

class TableCellOffsetInfo

Class fields and methods
class TableCellOffsetInfo
constructor TableCellOffsetInfo(offset,table,section,tableRow,tableCell,row,column,insideColumn,insideOffset)
method canDeleteColumn()
method canDeleteRow()
method getInsideColumn()
method getPreviousCell(tableRow,offset)
method getPreviousCell()
method getPreviousCell(offset)
method getStopOffset(offset,table,stopPointsMap,nextOffset)
method haveRowEnd(flags)
method haveRowStart(flags)
method haveStopPoint(flags,mask)
method haveTextEnd(flags)
method haveTextStart(flags)
method isAfterCaption()
method isAfterCells()
method isBeforeCaption()
method isBeforeCells()
method isCaptionLine()
method isFirstCell()
method isInCellSpan()
method isInsideCaption()
method isInsideCell()
method isLastCell()
method isLastRow()
method isSeparatorLine()
method nextCellOffset(insideOffset)
method nextOffsetStop(stopPointsMap)
method nextRowOffset(insideOffset)
method previousCellOffset(insideOffset)
method previousOffsetStop(stopPointsMap)
method previousRowOffset(insideOffset)
method static()
method toString()
Return the next/previous stop point of interest <p> NOTE: not terribly ...
Only available if tableRow/tableCell are set and not in first cell of f...
Available if somewhere in table
Only available if not at last row <p> CAUTION: NOT TESTED
Only available if inside are set and not in first cell of first row <p>...
Available if somewhere in table
Only available if not at row 0 <p> CAUTION: NOT TESTED