Architecture Diagrams for /vsch/flexmark-java[edit]
Packages / Module flexmark-util / com.vladsch.flexmark.util.html / Attributes

class Attributes

Class fields and methods
class Attributes
constructor Attributes()
constructor Attributes(attributes)
method addValue(attribute)
method addValue(key,value)
method addValues(attributes)
method clear()
method contains(key)
method containsValue(key,value)
method entrySet()
method forEach(action)
method get(key)
method getAttributes()
method getValue(key)
method isEmpty()
method keySet()
method remove(key)
method remove(attribute)
method removeValue(attribute)
method removeValue(key,value)
method replaceValue(attribute)
method replaceValue(key,value)
method replaceValues(attributes)
method size()
method toString()
method values()
Attribute dependent value replacement class and style append new values...