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class GeoJSONIsochrone
abstract class GeoJSONIsochroneBase
class GeoJSONIsochroneProperties
class GeoJSONIsochronesIntersection
class JSON2DDestinations
class JSON2DSources
class GPXBounds
class GPXRouteElement
class GPXRouteExtensions
class GPXRoutePointElement
class GPXRoutePointExtensionElement
class JSONExtra
class JSONExtraSummary
class JSONSegment
class JSONStep
class JSONStepManeuver
class JSONWarning
class AttributeValue
enum CardinalDirection
class Pair
enum TravelRangeType
class TravellerInfo
class Eccentricity
Eccentricity implementation. C alculates the maximum value o f all shortest paths with...
class EKEdgeEntry
Lightweight entry object for o rdering nodes in a queue/dequ e based on weight.
class FastIsochroneFactory
Factory for Fast Isochrone Pre paration This code is based o n that from GraphHopper G...
class PreparePartition
Prepares the partition of the graph.
class CellStorage
Stores nodes ordered by cell a nd contours of cells.
class IsochroneNodeStorage
Storage that maps nodeIds to t heir respective cells and bor derness.
class BorderNodeDistanceStorage
Stores distances of bordernode s in a cell.
class EccentricityStorage
Stores eccentricities of cell border nodes for fast isochro nes. Eccentricities are w...
class BoundsType
Two lat/lon pairs defining the extent of an element. Java c lass for boundsType compl...
class LinkType
A link to an external resource (Web page, digital photo, vi deo clip, etc) with addit...
class PtType
A geographic point with option al elevation and time. Availa ble for use by other sche...
class RteType
rte represents route - an orde red list of waypoints represe nting a series of turn po...
class RteTypeExtensions
RteTypeExtensions represents a class that extends RteType Can be manually extended
class TrkType
trk represents a track - an or dered list of points describi ng a path. Java class for...
class TrkTypeExtensions
TrkTypeExtensions represents the extensions for TrkType Ca n be manually extended
class TrksegType
A Track Segment holds a list o f Track Points which are logi cally connected in order....
class TrksegTypeExtensions
TrksegTypeExtensions represen ts the extensions for TrksegT ype Can be manually exten...
class WptType
wpt represents a waypoint, poi nt of interest, or named feat ure on a map. Java class ...
class WptTypeExtensions
WptTypeExtensions represents a class to process the Extens ions for WptType Can be m...
class Isochrone
class IsochroneMap
class IsochronesIntersection
interface StatisticsProvider
class StatisticsProviderConfiguration
class StatisticsProviderItem
class PostgresSQLStatisticsProvider
This class handles the populat ion statistic queries. It gen erates internal api calls...
class Language
class LanguageResources
class LocalString
abstract class AbstractMapMatcher
class LocationIndexMatch
interface MapMatcher
class RouteSegmentInfo
class HiddenMarkovMapMatcher
class ResolvedLocation
class ExtraSummaryItem
class ProfileWeighting
class ProfileWeightingCollection
class RouteExtraInfo
class RouteResult
class RouteSearchParameters
This class is used to store th e search/calculation Paramete rs to calculate the desir...
class RouteSegment
class RouteSegmentItem
class RouteStep
class RouteStepManeuver
class RouteSummary
class RouteWarning
Holder class for a warning tha t could be used in the respon se
class RoutingProfile
This class generates RoutingPr ofile classes and is used by mostly all service classe...
class WayPointBearing
class RouteProfileConfiguration
class GraphProcessContext
class ORSGraphHopper
class WheelchairAttributes
class CoreAlgoFactoryDecorator
This class implements the Core Algo decorator and provides several helper methods re...
class CoreLMAlgoFactoryDecorator
This class implements the A*, landmark and triangulation (A LT) decorator for Core. T...
class CoreLMOptions
class CoreLandmarkStorage
Store Landmark distances for c ore nodes This code is based on that from GraphHopper ...
class CoreNodeContractor
This code is based on that fro m GraphHopper GmbH.
class PrepareCore
Prepare the core graph. The co re graph is a contraction hie rarchies graph in which s...
class PrepareCoreLandmarks
This class does the preprocess ing for the ALT algorithm (A* , landmark, triangle ine...
class EdgeFilterSequence
class LMEdgeFilterSequence
abstract class AbstractGraphBuilder
interface GraphBuilder
class InFieldGraphBuilder
class CountryBordersHierarchy
Object used for storing countr y boundary polygons in a hiea rchical structure.
class CountryBordersPolygon
class CountryBordersReader
class NonPedestrianWay
class OSMAttachedSidewalkProcessor
interface OSMFeatureFilter
class OSMPedestrianProcessor
abstract class PedestrianWay
abstract class Way
class WheelchairSeparateWay
class WheelchairSidewalkWay
class WheelchairWayFilter
class BordersGraphStorage
Graph storage class for the Bo rder Restriction routing
class GreenIndexGraphStorage
class HeavyVehicleAttributesGraphStorage
class HillIndexGraphStorage
class MultiTreeSPEntry
This class is used to create t he shortest-path-tree from li nked entities.
class MultiTreeSPEntryItem
class NoiseIndexGraphStorage
Created by ZWang on 13/06/2017 .
class OsmIdGraphStorage
class RoadAccessRestrictionsGraphStorage
The graph storage for road acc ess restrictions.
class TollwaysGraphStorage
class TrailDifficultyScaleGraphStorage
interface WarningGraphExtension
Interface for declaring a grap h storage as bein able to be used for producing warnin...
class WayCategoryGraphStorage
class WaySurfaceTypeGraphStorage
class WheelchairAttributesGraphStorage
abstract class AbstractGraphStorageBuilder
class BordersGraphStorageBuilder
Class for building the Borders graph extension that allows restricting routes regard...
interface GraphStorageBuilder
class GreenIndexGraphStorageBuilder
Created by lliu on 13/03/2017.
class HeavyVehicleGraphStorageBuilder
class HillIndexGraphStorageBuilder
class NoiseIndexGraphStorageBuilder
Created by ZWang on 13/06/2017 .
class OsmIdGraphStorageBuilder
class RoadAccessRestrictionsGraphStorageBuilder
Builder for road access restri ctions information. The purpo se is to record for edges...
class TollwaysGraphStorageBuilder
class TrailDifficultyScaleGraphStorageBuilder
class WayCategoryGraphStorageBuilder
class WaySurfaceTypeGraphStorageBuilder
class WheelchairGraphStorageBuilder
class InstructionTranslator
class ProfileParameters
class VehicleParameters
class WheelchairParameters
class ExtraInfoProcessor
class TollwayExtractor
class HillIndexCalculator
class RouteSplit
class WaySurfaceDescription
class AppendableRouteExtraInfoBuilder
class AppendableSteepnessExtraInfoBuilder
abstract class RouteExtraInfoBuilder
class SimpleRouteExtraInfoBuilder
class SteepnessExtraInfoBuilder
class Edge
class Triangle
class Vertex
isochronepropertiesintersectionextensionsroutePoints 0..* boundselementsummary 0..* steps 0..* maneuverrangeTyperouteSearchParamscellStorageisochroneNodeStoragepartitioncellStorageedgeFiltersisochroneNodeStorageisochroneNodeStorageisochroneNodeStorageisochroneNodeStorageextensionslink 0..* rtept 0..* boundsextensionslink 0..* trkseg 0..* extensionstrkpt 0..* extensionslink 0..* attributes 0..* isochrones 0..* contourRefs 0..* providerlanglocalStrings 0..* languagelocationIndexweightings 0..* segments 0..* warningGraphExtensionextraInfo 0..* routeWarnings 0..* segments 0..* summarybearings 0..* profileParamssteps 0..* maneuverconfigmGraphHoppermMapMatcherarrGraphBuilders 0..* arrStorageBuilders 0..* coreFactoryDecoratorcoreLMFactoryDecoratoreccentricityfastIsochroneFactoryprocessContextpreparations 0..* coreLMOptionspreparations 0..* filters 0..* landmarksFilternodeContractorlandmarksFilterlmspolygons 0..* currentInstancehierarchies 0..* sidewalkProcessorosmAttachedSidewalkProcessorosmPedestrianProcessorosmWayitems 0..* parentcbReaderstoragestoragestoragehillIndexCalcstoragestorageosmIdGraphStoragestoragestoragestoragestoragestoragewaySurfaceDescstoragewheelchairAttributesresourcesweightingsavgSpeedInfoavgSpeedInfoBuildercountryBordersReaderextCountryTraversalInfoextGreenIndexextHillIndexextNoiseIndexextOsmIdextRoadAccessRestrictionsextTollwaysextTrailDifficultyextWayCategoryextWaySurfacesteepnessInfoBuildertollwayExtractorstoragevehicleParamssplits 0..* extraInfoprevSegmentItemeVincidentEdges 0..* triangles 0..* edges 0..* neighbours 0..*