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class IntArrayList
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class IntHashSet
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class IntIntHashMap
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interface EdgeFilter
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class Graph
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class GraphHopperStorage
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class EdgeExplorer
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class EdgeIterator
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class? Comparable
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class? Runnable
class BiPartition
Helper class for keeping track of a node partitioning based on IntHashSets.
class BiPartitionProjection
Helper class for keeping track of a node partitioning proje ctions based on IntHashSe...
class EKEdgeEntry
Lightweight entry object for o rdering nodes in a queue/dequ e based on weight.
class EdmondsKarpAStar
EdmondsKarp implementation of the maxflow algorithm using a deque. Finds the maximum...
class FastIsochroneFactory
Factory for Fast Isochrone Pre paration This code is based o n that from GraphHopper G...
class FastIsochroneParameters
Parameters for fast isochrone algorithm preprocessing and q uery processing. Some def...
class FlowEdgeData
Data element for partitioning.
class InertialFlow
Recursive implementation of In ertialFlow algorithm for part itioning a graph.
class InverseSemaphore
Based on https://stackoverflow .com/questions/4958330/java-e xecutorservice-awaittermi...
abstract class MaxFlowMinCut
Abstract MaxFlowMinCut impleme ntation.
class PartitioningData
Temporary preprocessing time s torage for max flow min cut d ata.
class PartitioningDataBuilder
Creates the data necessary for running a max flow min cut a lgorithm.
class PreparePartition
Prepares the partition of the graph.
class Projector
class Sort
Helper class for sorting.
class CellStorage
Stores nodes ordered by cell a nd contours of cells.
class IsochroneNodeStorage
Storage that maps nodeIds to t heir respective cells and bor derness.
class EdgeFilterSequence
partition0projection0 0..* cellStorageisochroneNodeStoragepartitionedgeFilterghGraphinverseSemaphorepDataprojections 0..* projectoredgeExploreredgeFilteredgeIteratorgraphnodeOrderorderedNodespDatagraphpDatacellStorageedgeFiltersghStorageisochroneNodeStorageghStorage