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class PointList
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class Coordinate
no source
class Envelope
no source
class Geometry
class AttributeValue
class Pair
enum TravelRangeType
class TravellerInfo
class EdgeInfo
class GraphEdgeMapFinder
class Isochrone
class IsochroneMap
class IsochroneMapBuilderFactory
class IsochroneMapCollection
class IsochroneRequest
class IsochroneSearchParameters
class IsochroneUtility
class IsochroneWeightingFactory
class IsochronesErrorCodes
This Class handles the error C odes as described in the erro
class IsochronesIntersection
class RouteSearchContext
class RouteSearchParameters
This class is used to store th e search/calculation Paramete rs to calculate the desir...
class ServiceRequest
geometryattributes 0..* envelopegeometrycenterenvelopeisochrones 0..* searchContextisochroneMaps 0..* travellers 0..* locationparametersrangeTypecontourRefs 0..* envelopegeometry