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class EncodedValueOld
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class DataAccess
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class GraphExtension
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class? Comparable
class BordersGraphStorage
Graph storage class for the Bo rder Restriction routing
class GraphStorageType
class GraphStorageUtils
class GreenIndexGraphStorage
class HeavyVehicleAttributesGraphStorage
class HillIndexGraphStorage
class MultiTreeSPEntry
This class is used to create t he shortest-path-tree from li nked entities.
class MultiTreeSPEntryItem
class NoiseIndexGraphStorage
Created by ZWang on 13/06/2017 .
class OsmIdGraphStorage
class RoadAccessRestrictionsGraphStorage
The graph storage for road acc ess restrictions.
class TollwaysGraphStorage
class TrailDifficultyScaleGraphStorage
interface WarningGraphExtension
Interface for declaring a grap h storage as bein able to be used for producing warnin...
class WayCategoryGraphStorage
class WaySurfaceTypeGraphStorage
class WheelchairAttributesGraphStorage
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