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class DecimalEncodedValue
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class AbstractWeighting
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class FastestWeighting
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class Weighting
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class GraphHopperStorage
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class AngleCalc
class GreenIndexGraphStorage
class HillIndexGraphStorage
class NoiseIndexGraphStorage
Created by ZWang on 13/06/2017 .
class AccelerationWeighting
class AdditionWeighting
class AvoidHillsWeighting
Special weighting for down/uph ills
class ConstantWeighting
class DistanceWeighting
class FastestSafeWeighting
Special weighting for (motor)b ike
class GreenWeighting
Created by lliu on 15/03/2017.
class MaximumSpeedWeighting
This class creates the weighti ng for the routing according to the maximum speed set ...
class OptimizedPriorityWeighting
class PreferencePriorityWeighting
class QuietWeighting
class SteepnessDifficultyWeighting