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class IntObjectMap
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class GraphHopper
no source
class OSMReader
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class DefaultFlagEncoderFactory
no source
class EdgeFilterFactory
no source
class FlagEncoderFactory
no source
class SPTEntry
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class TurnCostExtension
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class GHPoint3D
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class Envelope
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class Logger
class Eccentricity
Eccentricity implementation. C alculates the maximum value o f all shortest paths with...
class FastIsochroneFactory
Factory for Fast Isochrone Pre paration This code is based o n that from GraphHopper G...
abstract class AccessRestrictionType
class AccessibilityMap
interface DataReaderContext
class GraphProcessContext
no source
class GraphStorageFactory
class HeavyVehicleAttributes
class ORSDefaultFlagEncoderFactory
class ORSEdgeFilterFactory
class ORSGraphHopper
class ORSGraphStorageFactory
class ORSOSMReader
class ORSWeightingFactory
class OSMDataReaderContext
class OSMTags
class SurfaceType
class TollwayType
class VehicleDimensionRestrictions
class VehicleLoadCharacteristicsFlags
class WayType
no source
class WeightingFactory
class WheelchairAttributes
class WheelchairTypesEncoder
class CoreAlgoFactoryDecorator
This class implements the Core Algo decorator and provides several helper methods re...
class CoreLMAlgoFactoryDecorator
This class implements the A*, landmark and triangulation (A LT) decorator for Core. T...
interface GraphBuilder
interface OSMFeatureFilter
interface GraphStorageBuilder
edgeEntrymapsnappedPositionarrGraphBuilders 0..* arrStorageBuilders 0..* bboxLOGGERcoreFactoryDecoratorcoreLMFactoryDecoratoreccentricityfastIsochroneFactoryprocessContextLOGGERgraphStorageBuilders 0..* LOGGERfiltersToApply 0..* procCntxreaderCntxturnCostExtensionMap 0..* osmReader