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class GraphHopper
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class ElevationProvider
no source
class FlagEncoder
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class AngleCalc
no source
class DistanceCalc
no source
class PMap
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class PointList
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class BBox
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class Coordinate
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class Polygon
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class? Callable
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class Logger
enum CardinalDirection
enum DistanceUnit
interface MapMatcher
class AvoidFeatureFlags
class ExtraSummaryItem
class GraphBuilder
class ProfileWeighting
class ProfileWeightingCollection
class RouteExtraInfo
class RouteExtraInfoFlag
enum RouteInstructionsFormat
class RouteResult
class RouteResultBuilder
class RouteSearchContext
class RouteSearchParameters
This class is used to store th e search/calculation Paramete rs to calculate the desir...
class RouteSegment
class RouteSegmentItem
class RouteStep
class RouteStepManeuver
class RouteSummary
class RouteWarning
Holder class for a warning tha t could be used in the respon se
class RoutingErrorCodes
This Class handles the error C odes as described in the erro
class RoutingProfile
This class generates RoutingPr ofile classes and is used by mostly all service classe...
class RoutingProfileCategory
class RoutingProfileLoadContext
class RoutingProfileLoader
class RoutingProfileManager
class RoutingProfileManagerStatus
class RoutingProfileType
class RoutingProfilesCollection
class RoutingProfilesUpdater
class RoutingRequest
class WayPointBearing
class WeightingMethod
class RouteProfileConfiguration
class RouteUpdateConfiguration
class ORSGraphHopper
interface WarningGraphExtension
Interface for declaring a grap h storage as bein able to be used for producing warnin...
class ProfileParameters
class ServiceRequest
paramsweightings 0..* segments 0..* warningGraphExtensionextraInfo 0..* geometry 0..* pointlistrouteWarnings 0..* segments 0..* summaryangleCalcdirections 0..* distCalcencodergraphhopperpropertiesavoidAreas 0..* bearings 0..* profileParamssteps 0..* maneuverlocationbboxLOGGERconfigmGraphHoppermMapMatcherelevationProviderloadCntxrpcLOGGERmInstanceprofileUpdaterrouteProfilesrouteProfiles 0..* configroutingProfilesCollectioncoordinates 0..* instructionsFormatsearchParametersunits