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Package org.broad.igv.data.cufflinks

abstract class CufflinksCodec
class CufflinksDataSource
class CufflinksParser
Parses various cufflinks (and cuffdiff) output files as des cribed here: http://cuffl...
class CufflinksTrack
abstract class CufflinksValue
class ExpDiffCodec
Codec for cufflinks .exp_diff files
class ExpDiffValue
class FPKMSampleValue
Represents a value from a cuff links file for a single sampl e
class FPKMTrackingCodec
Codec for Cufflinks FPKM files , extension fpkm_tracking
class FPKMTrackingSampleCodec
Wrapper class to make it easy to just extract the first sam ple from an fpkm_tracking...
class FPKMValue
Represents a cufflinks value f rom any of a fpkm tracking fi le as described here http...
class Range
Basic class to specify a genom ic interval. Coordinates are intended to be 0-based ha...
interface LocusScore
abstract class DataTrack
Represents a track of numeric data
interface DataSource
class AsciiFeatureCodec
values 0..* 0..* dataSourcetrackingCodec