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Package org.broad.igv.data

class AbstractDataParser
abstract class AbstractDataSource
class BasicScore
interface Bin
class CharArrayList
class ChromosomeData
Container for a block of data for a chromosome
class ChromosomeSummary
class CombinedDataSource
Data source which combines two other DataSources TODO Multi ple DataSources. There is...
class CompositeScore
interface CoverageDataSource
interface DataSource
class DataStatistics
class DataTile
Class is public to permit unit testing
interface Dataset
A dataset is an in-memory repr esentation of a numerical dat aset. It is used for non-...
class DatasetDataSource
class GenomeSummaryData
Summarize (using a windowing f unction) numeric data points which are associated with...
class IGVDataset
class IGVDatasetParser
Class description
class NamedScore
class SummaryTile
Represents a chunk of data ove r a fixed window span (defaul t == 1)
class SummaryTile2D
Represents a chunk of data ove r a fixed window span (defaul t == 1)
class WiggleDataset
class WiggleParser
Parser for wiggle and "wiggle- like" formats.
class ZipUtils
interface LocusScore
nullDataStatdatasetgenomeSummaryDatachromosomeSummaries 0..* genomeSummaryparsersummaryScores 0..* summaryScores 0..* 0..* dataset