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Package org.broad.igv.event

class AlignmentTrackEvent
class DataLoadedEvent
User: jacob Date: 2013-Feb-06
class GenomeChangeEvent
Created by jrobinso on 1/7/17.
class GenomeResetEvent
Created by jrobinso on 2/7/17.
class IGVEventBus
Ludicrously simple event bus - - its all we need.
interface IGVEventObserver
Created by jrobinson on 6/3/16 .
class ReferenceFrameEvent
Created by jrobinson on 6/3/16 .
class RefreshEvent
Created by jrobinso on 6/24/17 .
class RepaintEvent
Event signalling need to repai nt a track or collection of t racks with existing data....
class ShiftEvent
Created by jrobinso on 2/26/17 . Represents view shift left or right, e.g. moving via...
class StopEvent
Created by jrobinso on 6/24/17 .
class TrackGroupEvent
class ViewChange
Events corresponding to a chan ge in viewed area (chromosome , position, and/or zoom)....
class ZoomChange
Events which either cause or a re the result of changes in t he zoom level User: jacob...
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