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Package org.broad.igv.feature.genome

class ChromSizesParser
class ChromosomeComparator
For comparing chromosomes. We order by "important" vs "unim portant". The idea being ...
class ChromosomeCoordinate
class ChromosomeNameComparator
Comparator for chromosome name s. All pure string comparison s are case insensitive. I...
class ColorSpaceSequence
Created with IntelliJ IDEA. Us er: jrobinso Date: 6/25/12 Ti me: 11:00 AM To change th...
class GenbankParser
Sequence defined by a Genbank (.gbk) file. These files cont ain a single sequence/chr...
class Genome
Simple model of a genome. Keep s an ordered list of Chromoso mes, an alias table, and ...
class GenomeBuilderDialog
class GenomeBuilderPane
abstract class GenomeDescriptor
class GenomeException
class GenomeImporter
class GenomeListItem
A container for specific genom e information which can be us ed to manage loaded genom...
class GenomeManager
class GenomeServerException
class GenomeUtils
Static utility functions for g enome data-wrangling.
class GenomeZipDescriptor
class IGVSequence
Represents a sequence database composed of plain text files with no white space, one...
class InMemorySequence
A sequence implementation in w hich all data is held in memo ry.
class RemoveGenomesDialog
interface Sequence
class SequenceInterval
Created by jrobinso on 1/7/17.
class SequenceWrapper
A wrapper class that provides caching for on-disk, queried, and web-service Sequence...
class TwoBitSequence
Created by jrobinso on 6/13/17 .
class JDialog
class? RuntimeException
class JPanel
interface Comparator
instancesequencedescriptorsequencebuttonBarpanel1importerpanel1ITEM_MOREDEFAULT_GENOMEcurrentGenometheInstanceaddRemBarallListItems 0..* sequence