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Package org.broad.igv.google

class Ga4ghAPIHelper
Helper class for Google API pr ototype Created by jrobinso o n 8/15/14.
class Ga4ghAlignment
Created by jrobinso on 6/17/14 . id
class Ga4ghAlignmentReader
Class for testing GlobalAllian ce API. Loads json from a tex t file, for development o...
class Ga4ghDataset
Created by jrobinso on 9/3/14.
class Ga4ghProvider
Created by jrobinso on 8/25/14 .
class Ga4ghReadset
Minimal representation of a re adset for prototype purposes.
class GoogleUtils
Created by jrobinson on 7/15/1 6.
class OAuthProvider
class OAuthUtils
Created by jrobinso on 11/19/1 4.
interface AlignmentReader
abstract class SAMAlignment
GA4GH_GOOGLE_PROVIDERreadsetCache 0..* 0..* providerreadsets 0..* datasets 0..* defaultProvidertheInstance