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Package org.broad.igv.gwas

class DescriptionCache
Created by IntelliJ IDEA. User : jussi Date: 2/7/11 Time: 1: 32 PM To change this temp...
class EQTLCodec
CODEC for GTex project eQTL fi les SNP SNP_Chr SNP_Pos Gen_I D Gene_Name Gene_Pos T_St...
class EQTLFeature
Represents an eQTL value SNP S NP_Chr SNP_Pos Gen_ID Gene_Na me Gene_Pos T_Stat P_Val ...
class EqtlPreprocessor
Class for experimenting with b inary EQTL formats. SNP SNP_C hr SNP_Pos Gen_ID Gene_Na...
class GWASFeature
class GWASParser
Parses GWAS PLINK result files
class GWASTrack
class GtexJunctionExtractor
Created by jrobinso on 3/12/15 .
abstract class AbstractTrack
abstract class AbstractFeature
class AsciiFeatureCodec
gData 0..* 0..*