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Package org.broad.igv.track

abstract class AbstractTrack
abstract class AttributeComparator
Sort tracks by attribute value
class AttributeManager
class BlatTrack
class CNFreqTrack
class CombinedDataSourceDialog
class DataSourceTrack
abstract class DataTrack
Represents a track of numeric data
class FeatureCollectionSource
Implementation of FeatureSourc e that wraps a list or map of features for the entire ...
class FeatureDirSource
User: jrobinso Date: Jan 31, 2 010
interface FeatureSource
A queryable source for Feature s. Used by FeatureTrack autho r: jrobinso Date: Jan 31,...
class FeatureTrack
Track which displays features, typically showing regions of the genome in a qualitat...
class FeatureTrackUtils
class GFFCombiner
The GFF spec is available at h ttp://www.sequenceontology.or g/gff3.shtml GFF Combiner...
class GFFFeatureSource
User: jacob Date: 2012-Jun-22
class GisticTrack
class LoadedDataInterval
class MergedTracks
Track to serve as a container for several tracks rendered o n top of each other
class MutationFeatureSource
class MutationTrack
class PackedFeatures
Represents a table of features , packed so there is no overl ap. Features are packed i...
class PackedFeaturesSpliceJunctions
class Range
Created by jrobinson on 5/3/16 .
enum RegionScoreType
class RenderContext
interface ScalableTrack
Created by jrobinson on 5/3/16 .
class SelectableFeatureTrack
A FeatureTrack designed for se lecting features/exons. Creat ed to support Sashimi plo...
class SequenceTrack
class TestUtils
interface Track
class TrackClickEvent
class TrackGroup
Container for a group of track s. Behaves as a single unit w hen sorting by region sco...
class TrackLoader
User: jrobinso Date: Feb 14, 2 010
interface TrackMenuItemBuilder
Interface to implement when ad ding a context menu item for track context menus
class TrackMenuUtils
class TrackProperties
This class is based on the UCS C track configuration paramet ers
interface TrackReader
class TrackSet
enum TrackType
abstract class TribbleFeatureSource
class TribbleListFeatureSource
Wraps a collection of FeatureS ource objects, one per chromo some. The class is needed...
enum WindowFunction
interface Persistable
Interface for a session persis table object.
interface IGVEventObserver
Created by jrobinson on 6/3/16 .
class JDialog
interface Comparator
defaultRendererMap 0..* singletonloadedIntervalCache 0..* typepackedFeaturesMap 0..* sourcewrappedSourcememberTracks 0..* loadedIntervalCache 0..* tracks 0..* trackMenuItems 0..* windowingFunctiondataTracks 0..* featureSourceMap 0..*