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Packages / org.jabref.cli / ArgumentProcessor

class ArgumentProcessor

Class fields and methods
class ArgumentProcessor
constructor ArgumentProcessor(args,startupMode)
method automaticallySetFileLinks(loaded)
method doAuxImport(loaded)
method exportFile(loaded,data)
method exportMatches(loaded)
method fetch(fetchCommand)
method generateAux(loaded,data)
method getParserResults()
method hasParserResults()
method importAndOpenFiles()
method importBibtexToOpenBase(argument)
method importFile(argument)
method importFile(file,importFormat)
method importPreferences()
method importToOpenBase(argument)
method isBlank()
method processArguments()
method regenerateBibtexKeys(loaded)
method resetPreferences(value)
method saveDatabase(newBase,subName)
method shouldShutDown()
Run an entry fetcher from the command line.
Will open a file (like importFile), but will also request JabRef to foc...