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Packages / org.jabref.gui / BasePanel

class BasePanel

Class fields and methods
class BasePanel
class BasePanel.EntriesRemovedListener
constructor BasePanel.EntriesRemovedListener()
method listen(entriesRemovedEvent)
class BasePanel.GroupTreeListener
constructor BasePanel.GroupTreeListener()
method listen(addedEntriesEvent)
class BasePanel.OpenURLAction
constructor BasePanel.OpenURLAction()
method action()
class BasePanel.RedoAction
constructor BasePanel.RedoAction()
method action()
class BasePanel.SearchAndOpenFile
constructor SearchAndOpenFile(entry,basePanel)
method searchAndOpen()
class BasePanel.SearchAutoCompleteListener
Ensures that the search auto completer is up to date when entries are c...
constructor BasePanel.SearchAutoCompleteListener()
method listen(addedEntriesEvent)
method listen(entryChangedEvent)
class BasePanel.SearchListener
Ensures that the results of the current search are updated when a new e...
constructor BasePanel.SearchListener()
method listen(removedEntriesEvent)
method listen(entryChangedEvent)
method listen(addedEntryEvent)
class BasePanel.UndoAction
constructor BasePanel.UndoAction()
method action()
constructor BasePanel(frame,preferences,bibDatabaseContext,externalFileTypes)
method adjustSplitter()
method cleanUp()
method clearAndSelect(bibEntry)
method clearAndSelectFirst()
method closeBottomPane()
method copy()
method copyCitationToClipboard(outputFormat)
method copyCiteKey()
method copyKey()
method copyKeyAndTitle()
method copyTitle()
method createMainTable()
method cut()
method delete(cut)
method delete(entry)
method delete(cut,entries)
method editEntryAndFocusField(entry,field)
method ensureNotShowingBottomPanel(entriesToCheck)
method entryEditorClosing()
method formatOutputMessage(start,count)
method frame()
method getAnnotationCache()
method getBibDatabaseContext()
method getCitationStyleCache()
method getCurrentSearchQuery()
method getDatabase()
method getEntryEditor()
method getMainTable()
method getMode()
method getSelectedEntries()
method getShowing()
method getSidePaneManager()
method getSuggestionProviders()
method getTabTitle()
method getUndoManager()
method insertEntries(entries)
method insertEntry(bibEntry)
method instantiateSearchAutoCompleter()
method isModified()
method isSaving()
method listen(event)
method markBaseChanged()
method markChangedOrUnChanged()
method markNonUndoableBaseChanged()
method openExternalFile()
method output(s)
method paste()
method registerUndoableChanges(changes)
method resetChangeMonitorAndChangePane()
method runCommand(command)
method saveDividerLocation(position)
method selectNextEntry()
method selectPreviousEntry()
method setBaseChanged(baseChanged)
method setCurrentSearchQuery(currentSearchQuery)
method setMode(mode)
method setNonUndoableChange(nonUndoableChange)
method setSaving(saving)
method setupActions()
method setupAutoCompletion()
method setupMainPanel()
method showAndEdit()
method showAndEdit(entry)
method showBottomPane(newMode)
method showDeleteConfirmationDialog(numberOfEntries)
method updateEntryEditorIfShowing()
method updateSearchManager()
method updateTableFont()
Perform necessary cleanup when this BasePanel is closed.
This method selects the given entry, and scrolls it into view in the ta...
Select and open entry editor for first entry in main table.
Removes the bottom component.
Generates and copies citations based on the selected entries to the cli...
Removes the selected entries from the database
Removes the selected entries from the database
Closes the entry editor if it is showing any of the given entries.
This method is called from an EntryEditor when it should be closed. We ...
Get an array containing the currently selected entries. The array is st...
Returns a collection of suggestion providers, which are populated from ...
This method is called from JabRefFrame when the user wants to create a ...
This method is called from JabRefFrame if a database specific action is...
Depending on whether a preview or an entry editor is showing, save the ...
Set the query the user currently searches while this basepanel is active
Set up auto completion for this database
Sets the entry editor as the bottom component in the split pane. If an ...