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Packages / org.jabref.gui / ClipBoardManager

class ClipBoardManager

Class fields and methods
class ClipBoardManager
constructor ClipBoardManager()
constructor ClipBoardManager(clipboard,primary,importFormatReader)
method addX11Support(input)
method extractData()
method fetchByDOI(doi)
method getContents()
method getContentsPrimary()
method handleBibTeXData(entries)
method handleStringData(data)
method setContent(content)
method setContent(entries)
method setContent(string)
method setHtmlContent(html)
method setPrimaryClipboardContent(content)
method tryImportFormats(data)
Add X11 clipboard support to a text input control. It is necessary to c...
Get the String residing on the system clipboard.
Get the String residing on the primary clipboard (if it exists).
Puts content onto the system clipboard.
Puts content onto the primary clipboard (if it exists).