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Packages / org.jabref.gui / SidePaneComponent

abstract class SidePaneComponent

Class fields and methodsA
abstract class SidePaneComponent
class SidePaneComponent.ToggleCommand
constructor ToggleCommand(component)
method execute()
constructor SidePaneComponent(manager,icon,title)
method afterOpening()
method beforeClosing()
method createContentPane()
method getAdditionalHeaderButtons()
method getContentPane()
method getHeader()
method getResizePolicy()
method getToggleAction()
method getToggleCommand()
method getType()
method hide()
method moveDown()
method moveUp()
method show()
Override this method if the component needs to do any actions after it ...
Override this method if the component needs to make any changes before ...
Create the content of this component
Specifies how to this side pane component behaves if there is additiona...