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Packages / org.jabref.model.pdf / FileAnnotation

class FileAnnotation

Class fields and methods
class FileAnnotation
constructor FileAnnotation(author,timeModified,pageNumber,content,annotationType,linkedFileAnnotation)
constructor FileAnnotation(annotation,pageNumber,linkedFileAnnotation)
constructor FileAnnotation(annotation,pageNumber)
method abbreviateAnnotationName(annotationName)
method equals(other)
method extractModifiedTime(dateTimeString)
method getAnnotationType()
method getAuthor()
method getContent()
method getLinkedFileAnnotation()
method getPage()
method getTimeModified()
method hasLinkedAnnotation()
method hashCode()
method parseContent(content)
method toString()
A flexible constructor, mainly used as dummy if there is actually no an...
For creating a FileAnnotation that has a connection to another FileAnno...
Creating a normal FileAnnotation from a PDAnnotation.
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Parses a String into a LocalDateTime.
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