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Packages / org.jabref.model.texparser / TexParserResult

class TexParserResult

Class fields and methods
class TexParserResult
constructor TexParserResult()
method addBibFile(file,bibFile)
method addFiles(texFiles)
method addKey(key,file,lineNumber,start,end,line)
method equals(obj)
method getBibFiles()
method getCitations()
method getCitationsByKey(entry)
method getCitationsByKey(key)
method getCitationsKeySet()
method getFileList()
method getNestedFiles()
method hashCode()
method toString()
Add a bibliography file to the BIB files set.
Add a list of files to fileList or nestedFiles, depending on whether th...
Add a citation to the citations multimap.
Return a collection of citations using a BibEntry as reference.
Return a collection of citations using a string as key reference.
Return a set of strings with the keys of the citations multimap.