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class BasePanel
enum BasePanelMode
Defines the different modes th at the BasePanel can operate in
class BasePanelPreferences
class ClipBoardManager
interface DialogService
This interface provides method s to create dialogs and show them to the user.
class JabRefDialogService
This class provides methods to create default JavaFX dialog s which will also work on...
class JabRefExecutorService
Responsible for managing of al l threads (except GUI threads ) in JabRef
class JabRefFrame
The main window of the applica tion.
class SidePane
The side pane is displayed at the left side of JabRef and s hows instances of SidePan...
abstract class SidePaneComponent
class SidePaneManager
Manages which SidePaneComponen t s are shown.
enum SidePaneType
Definition of all possible com ponents in the side pane.
class StateManager
This class manages the GUI-sta te of JabRef, including: curr ently selected database c...
enum AutoCompleteFirstNameMode
For "ONLY_FULL", the auto com pleter returns the full name, e.g. "Smith, Bob" For "O...
class AutoCompletePreferences
class PersonNameSuggestionProvider
Delivers possible completions as a list of Author s.
class SuggestionProviders
interface DatabaseChangeListener
class DatabaseChangeMonitor
class DatabaseChangePane
abstract class DatabaseChangeViewModel
class EntryAddChangeViewModel
class EntryChangeViewModel
class EntryDeleteChangeViewModel
class GroupChangeViewModel
class MetaDataChangeViewModel
class PreambleChangeViewModel
class StringAddChangeViewModel
class StringChangeViewModel
class StringNameChangeViewModel
class StringRemoveChangeViewModel
class CitationKeyPatternPanel
class CitationKeyPatternPanelItemModel
class CitationKeyPatternPanelViewModel
class SaveOrderConfigPanel
class SaveOrderConfigPanelViewModel
class CopyFilesResultItemViewModel
class CustomEntryTypeViewModel
class FieldViewModel
abstract class DocumentPageViewModel
Represents the view model for a page in the document viewer .
class PdfDocumentPageViewModel
Represents the view model of a pdf page backed by a PDPage .
class DeprecatedFieldsTab
class EntryEditor
GUI component that allows edit ing of the fields of a BibEnt ry (i.e. the one that sho...
class EntryEditorPreferences
abstract class EntryEditorTab
abstract class FieldsEditorTab
A single tab displayed in the EntryEditor holding several F ieldEditors.
class LatexCitationsTab
class LatexCitationsTabViewModel
class MathSciNetTab
class OptionalFields2Tab
class OptionalFieldsTab
class OtherFieldsTab
class PreviewTab
class RelatedArticlesTab
GUI for tab displaying article recommendations based on the currently selected BibEn...
class RequiredFieldsTab
class SourceTab
class UserDefinedFieldsTab
class FileAnnotationTab
class FileAnnotationViewModel
class LogEventViewModel
class ExporterViewModel
ExporterViewModel wraps a Temp lateExporter from logic and i s used in the exporter cu...
class ExternalFilesEntryLinker
class ImportHandler
class CustomExternalFileType
This class defines a type of e xternal files that can be lin ked to from JabRef. The c...
interface ExternalFileType
class ExternalFileTypes
enum StandardExternalFileType
class UnknownExternalFileType
Unknown external file type. Th is instance represents a file type unknown to JabRef. ...
class CitationKeyEditor
class CitationKeyEditorViewModel
class DateEditor
class DateEditorViewModel
class EditorTextArea
class EditorTextField
class EditorTypeEditorViewModel
interface FieldEditorFX
class GenderEditorViewModel
class IdentifierEditor
class IdentifierEditorViewModel
class JournalEditor
class JournalEditorViewModel
class KeywordsEditor
class LinkedEntriesEditor
class LinkedEntriesEditorViewModel
class LinkedFileViewModel
class LinkedFilesEditor
class LinkedFilesEditorViewModel
abstract class MapBasedEditorViewModel
View model for a field editor that shows various options ba cked by a map.
class MonthEditorViewModel
class OptionEditor
Field editor that provides var ious pre-defined options as a drop-down combobox.
abstract class OptionEditorViewModel
class OwnerEditor
class OwnerEditorViewModel
class PaginationEditorViewModel
class PatentTypeEditorViewModel
class PersonsEditor
class PersonsEditorViewModel
class SimpleEditor
class SimpleEditorViewModel
class TypeEditorViewModel
class UrlEditor
class UrlEditorViewModel
class YesNoEditorViewModel
class GroupNodeViewModel
class GroupSidePane
The groups side pane.
class GroupTreeNodeViewModel
enum GroupViewMode
class InternalMaterialDesignIcon
interface JabRefIcon
class CheckForNewEntryTypesAction
This action checks whether any new custom entry types were loaded from this BIB file...
interface GUIPostOpenAction
This interface defines potenti al actions that may need to b e taken after opening a B...
class MergeReviewIntoCommentAction
class OpenDatabaseAction
class WebSearchPane
class WebSearchPaneViewModel
class AbbreviationViewModel
This class provides a view mod el for abbreviation objects w hich can also define plac...
class AbbreviationsFileViewModel
This class provides a model fo r abbreviation files. It actu ally doesn't save the fil...
enum KeyBinding
enum KeyBindingCategory
class KeyBindingRepository
class KeyBindingViewModel
This class represents a view m odel for objects of the KeyBi nding class. It has two p...
class BibEntryTableViewModel
class ColumnPreferences
class MainTable
class MainTableColumnModel
Represents the full internal n ame of a column in the main t able. Consists of two par...
class MainTableDataModel
class MainTablePreferences
class FileHistoryMenu
class MergeEntries
class BibtexStringEditorItemModel
class CitationEntryViewModel
class OpenOfficeSidePanel
class StyleSelectItemViewModel
abstract class AbstractPreferenceTabView
class AppearanceTabView
class CitationKeyPatternTabView
class EntryEditorTabView
class ExternalTabView
class FileTabView
class GeneralTabView
class GroupsTabView
class LinkedFilesTabView
class NameFormatterItemModel
class NameFormatterTabView
class NetworkTabView
interface PreferencesTab
A prefsTab is a component disp layed in the PreferenceDialog . It needs to extend from...
class PreviewTabView
class TableTabView
class XmpPrivacyTabView
class PreviewPanel
class PreviewViewer
Displays an BibEntry using the given layout format.
abstract class AbstractPushToApplication
Abstract class for pushing ent ries into different editors.
interface PushToApplication
Class that defines interaction with an external application in the form of "pushing"...
class PushToApplicationAction
An Action class representing t he process of invoking a Push ToApplication operation.
class PushToApplicationsManager
class PushToEmacs
class PushToLyx
class PushToTeXstudio
class PushToTexmaker
Class for pushing entries into TexMaker.
class PushToVim
class PushToWinEdt
class GlobalSearchBar
enum SearchDisplayMode
Collects the possible search m odes
class CitationsDisplay
class FileNodeViewModel
class ReferenceViewModel
class CountingUndoManager
class CurrentThreadTaskExecutor
Implementation of TaskExecutor that runs every task on the current thread, i.e. in a...
class CustomLocalDragboard
Placeholder class for a custom generic type safe dragboard to be used in drag and dr...
class DefaultFileUpdateMonitor
This class monitors a set of f iles for changes. Upon detect ing a change it notifies ...
class DefaultTaskExecutor
A very simple implementation o f the TaskExecutor interface. Every submitted task is i...
class DialogWindowState
This class is used to store th e size and position of dialog windows so that these pr...
class OptionalObjectProperty
Similar to com.tobiasdiez.easy bind.monadic.MonadicObservabl eValue
interface TaskExecutor
An object that executes submit ted Task s. This interface pr ovides a way of decouplin...
class Theme
Installs the style file and pr ovides live reloading. JabRef provides two inbuilt the...
class TemporalAccessorPicker
A date picker with configurabl e datetime format where both date and time can be chan...
class UiThreadStringProperty
This class can be used to wrap a @see StringProperty inside it. When wrapped, any Li...
class AutosaveManager
Saves the given BibDatabaseCon text on every BibDatabaseCont extChangedEvent by postin...
class BackupManager
Backups the given bib database file from BibDatabaseContext on every BibDatabaseCont...
interface AuxParser
class DefaultAuxParser
LaTeX Aux to BibTeX Parser Ext racts a subset of BibTeX entr ies from a BibDatabase th...
class FieldContentFormatter
This class provides the reform atting needed when reading Bi bTeX fields formatted in ...
class FieldContentFormatterPreferences
class FieldWriterPreferences
class BibEntryDiff
class BibStringDiff
class FieldComparator
A comparator for BibEntry fiel ds
class MetaDataDiff
class PreambleDiff
class BstPreviewLayout
class ChangeCaseFunction
From the Bibtex manual: Pops t he top two (string) literals; it changes the case of t...
class FormatNameFunction
From Bibtex: "The |built_in| f unction {\.{\$}} p ops the top three literal...
class PurifyFunction
The |built_in| function {\.{pu rify\$}} pops the top (string ) literal, removes nonalp...
class TextPrefixFunction
The |built_in| function {\.{te xt.prefix\$}} pops the top tw o literals (the integer l...
class VM
A BibTeX Virtual machine that can execute .bst files. Docum entation can be found in ...
class WidthFunction
The |built_in| function {\.{wi dth\$}} pops the top (string) literal and pushes the i...
abstract class AbstractCitationKeyPattern
A small table, where an entry type is associated with a Bib tex key pattern (an Array...
class CitationKeyPatternPreferences
class DatabaseCitationKeyPattern
class GlobalCitationKeyPattern
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