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class FallbackExceptionHandler
Catch and log any unhandled ex ceptions.
class Globals
class JabRefException
class JabRefExecutorService
Responsible for managing of al l threads (except GUI threads ) in JabRef
class JabRefGUI
class JabRefLauncher
JabRef launcher: This just sta rts JabRefMain. It is there b ecause to have the name c...
class JabRefMain
JabRef's main class to process command line options and to start the UI
class? ApacheCommonsLang3Allowed
Annotation to indicate that us age of ApacheCommonsLang3 is explicitly allowed. The i...
class Benchmarks
class ArgumentProcessor
class AuxCommandLine
class CrossrefFetcherEvaluator
Useful for checking out new al gorithm improvements and thre sholds. Not used inside t...
class GenerateCharacterTable
class JabRefCLI
class SystemOutputPrinter
class AbstractViewModel
class BasePanel
enum BasePanelMode
Defines the different modes th at the BasePanel can operate in
class BasePanelPreferences
class ClipBoardManager
class DefaultInjector
interface Dialog
interface DialogService
This interface provides method s to create dialogs and show them to the user.
class DragAndDropDataFormats
Contains all the different Dat aFormat s that may occur in J abRef.
class DragAndDropHelper
class EntryTypeView
Dialog that prompts the user t o choose a type for an entry.
class EntryTypeViewModel
class FXDialog
This class provides a super cl ass for all dialogs implement ed in JavaFX. To create a...
class JabRefDialogService
This class provides methods to create default JavaFX dialog s which will also work on...
class JabRefFrame
The main window of the applica tion.
class OpenConsoleAction
class SendAsEMailAction
Sends the selected entry as em ail It uses the mailto:-mecha nism Microsoft Outlook do...
class SidePane
The side pane is displayed at the left side of JabRef and s hows instances of SidePan...
abstract class SidePaneComponent
class SidePaneManager
Manages which SidePaneComponen t s are shown.
enum SidePaneType
Definition of all possible com ponents in the side pane.
class StateManager
This class manages the GUI-sta te of JabRef, including: curr ently selected database c...
class UpdateTimestampListener
Updates the timestamp of chang ed entries if the feature is enabled
class WaitForSaveFinishedDialog
Dialog shown when closing of a pplication needs to wait for a save operation to finish.
class ActionFactory
Helper class to create and sty le controls according to an A ction .
class ActionHelper
class JabRefAction
Wrapper around one of our acti ons from Action to convert th em to controlsfx org.cont...
abstract class SimpleCommand
A simple command that does not track progress of the action .
enum Sources
enum StandardActions
class AppendPersonNamesStrategy
class AppendWordsStrategy
enum AutoCompleteFirstNameMode
For "ONLY_FULL", the auto com pleter returns the full name, e.g. "Smith, Bob" For "O...
class AutoCompletePreferences
class AutoCompletionInput
interface AutoCompletionStrategy
class AutoCompletionTextInputBinding
Represents a binding between a text input control and a aut o-completion popup This c...
class BibEntrySuggestionProvider
Delivers possible completions as a list of BibEntry based o n their cite key.
class ContentSelectorSuggestionProvider
Enriches a suggestion provider by a given set of content se lector values.
class EmptySuggestionProvider
class FieldValueSuggestionProvider
Stores the full content of one field.
class JournalsSuggestionProvider
class PersonNameStringConverter
class PersonNameSuggestionProvider
Delivers possible completions as a list of Author s.
class ReplaceStrategy
abstract class StringSuggestionProvider
abstract class SuggestionProvider
This is a simple implementatio n of a generic suggestion pro vider callback.
class SuggestionProviders
class WordSuggestionProvider
Stores all words in the given field.
class AuxParserResultViewModel
class FromAuxDialog
A wizard dialog for generating a new sub database from exis ting TeX AUX file
class NewSubLibraryAction
The action concerned with gene rate a new (sub-)database fro m latex AUX file.
class BibtexExtractor
class BibtexExtractorViewModel
class ExtractBibtexAction
class ExtractBibtexDialog
GUI Dialog for the feature "Ex tract BibTeX from plain text" .
class BibtexKeyPatternAction
class BibtexKeyPatternDialog
class BibtexKeyPatternPanel
class GenerateBibtexKeyAction
class GenerateBibtexKeySingleAction
class CleanupAction
class CleanupDialog
class CleanupPresetPanel
class ChangeDisplayDialog
class ChangeScanner
interface DatabaseChangeListener
class DatabaseChangeMonitor
class DatabaseChangePane
abstract class DatabaseChangeViewModel
class EntryAddChangeViewModel
class EntryChangeViewModel
class EntryDeleteChangeViewModel
class GroupChangeViewModel
class MetaDataChangeViewModel
class PreambleChangeViewModel
class StringAddChangeViewModel
class StringChangeViewModel
class StringNameChangeViewModel
class StringRemoveChangeViewModel
class BibtexKeyPatternPanel
class BibtexKeyPatternPanelItemModel
class BibtexKeyPatternPanelViewModel
class FieldFormatterCleanupsPanel
class FieldFormatterCleanupsPanelViewModel
class SaveOrderConfigPanel
class SaveOrderConfigPanelViewModel
class ContentSelectorDialogView
class ContentSelectorDialogViewModel
class ManageContentSelectorAction
class CopyFilesAction
class CopyFilesDialogView
class CopyFilesDialogViewModel
class CopyFilesResultItemViewModel
class CopyFilesResultListDependency
This class is a wrapper class for the containing list as it is currently not possibl...
class CopyFilesTask
class CopySingleFileAction
class CustomEntryTypeDialogViewModel
class CustomizeEntryAction
class CustomizeEntryTypeDialogView
class FieldViewModel
class CustomizeGeneralFieldsDialogView
class CustomizeGeneralFieldsDialogViewModel
class SetupGeneralFieldsAction
class JabRefDesktop
TODO: Replace by http://docs.o racle.com/javase/7/docs/api/j ava/awt/Desktop.html http...
class DefaultDesktop
class Linux
interface NativeDesktop
class OSX
class Windows
class AutosaveUiManager
This class has an abstract UI role as it listens for an Aut osaveEvent and saves the ...
class BackupUIManager
Stores all user dialogs relate d to BackupManager .
abstract class DocumentPageViewModel
Represents the view model for a page in the document viewer .
abstract class DocumentViewModel
class DocumentViewerControl
class DocumentViewerView
class DocumentViewerViewModel
abstract class PageDimension
class PdfDocumentPageViewModel
Represents the view model of a pdf page backed by a PDPage .
class PdfDocumentViewModel
class ShowDocumentViewerAction
class DuplicateResolverDialog
class DuplicateSearch
class CopyDoiUrlAction
Copies the doi url to the clip board
class CopyMoreAction
class EditAction
Class for handling general act ions; cut, copy and paste. Th e focused component is ke...
class ManageKeywordsAction
An Action for launching keywor d managing dialog
class ManageKeywordsDialog
enum ManageKeywordsDisplayType
class ManageKeywordsViewModel
class MassSetFieldsAction
An Action for launching mass f ield. Functionality: Defaults to selected entries, or ...
class MassSetFieldsDialog
class OpenBrowserAction
class ReplaceStringAction
class ReplaceStringView
class ReplaceStringViewModel
class DeprecatedFieldsTab
class EntryEditor
GUI component that allows edit ing of the fields of a BibEnt ry (i.e. the one that sho...
class EntryEditorPreferences
abstract class EntryEditorTab
abstract class FieldsEditorTab
A single tab displayed in the EntryEditor holding several F ieldEditors.
class LatexCitationsTab
class LatexCitationsTabViewModel
class MathSciNetTab
class OpenEntryEditorAction
class OptionalFields2Tab
class OptionalFieldsTab
class OtherFieldsTab
class PreviewSwitchAction
class PreviewTab
class RelatedArticlesTab
GUI for tab displaying article recommendations based on the currently selected BibEn...
class RequiredFieldsTab
class SourceTab
class UserDefinedFieldsTab
class FileAnnotationTab
class FileAnnotationTabView
class FileAnnotationTabViewModel
class FileAnnotationViewModel
class ErrorConsoleView
class ErrorConsoleViewModel
class LogEventViewModel
class CreateModifyExporterDialogView
class CreateModifyExporterDialogViewModel
This view model can be used bo th for "add exporter" and "mo dify exporter" functional...
class ExportCommand
Performs an export action
class ExportCustomizationDialogView
class ExportCustomizationDialogViewModel
class ExportToClipboardAction
class ExporterViewModel
ExporterViewModel wraps a Temp lateExporter from logic and i s used in the exporter cu...
class ManageCustomExportsAction
class SaveAction
This class is just a simple wr apper for the soon to be refa ctored SaveDatabaseAction.
class SaveAllAction
class SaveDatabaseAction
Action for the "Save" and "Sav e as" operations called from BasePanel. This class is ...
class WriteXMPAction
class AutoLinkFilesAction
This Action may only be used i n a menu or button. Never in the entry editor. FileLis...
class AutoSetFileLinksUtil
class DownloadFullTextAction
Try to download fulltext PDF f or selected entry(ies) by fol lowing URL or DOI link.
class ExternalFilesEntryLinker
class FileDownloadTask
class FindUnlinkedFilesAction
class FindUnlinkedFilesDialog
GUI Dialog for the feature "Fi nd unlinked files".
class ImportHandler
class CustomExternalFileType
This class defines a type of e xternal files that can be lin ked to from JabRef. The c...
class CustomizeExternalFileTypesDialog
Editor for external file types .
class CustomizeExternalFileTypesViewModel
class EditExternalFileTypeEntryDialog
class EditExternalFileTypeViewModel
class EditExternalFileTypesAction
interface ExternalFileType
class ExternalFileTypes
enum StandardExternalFileType
class UnknownExternalFileType
Unknown external file type. Th is instance represents a file type unknown to JabRef. ...
class AbstractEditorViewModel
class BibtexKeyEditor
class BibtexKeyEditorViewModel
interface ContextMenuAddable
class DateEditor
class DateEditorViewModel
class EditorTextArea
class EditorTextField
class EditorTypeEditorViewModel
class EditorValidator
interface FieldEditorFX
class FieldEditors
class FieldNameLabel
class GenderEditorViewModel
class IdentifierEditor
class IdentifierEditorViewModel
class JournalEditor
class JournalEditorViewModel
class KeywordsEditor
class LinkedEntriesEditor
class LinkedEntriesEditorViewModel
class LinkedFileViewModel
class LinkedFilesEditor
class LinkedFilesEditorViewModel
abstract class MapBasedEditorViewModel
View model for a field editor that shows various options ba cked by a map.
class MonthEditorViewModel
class OptionEditor
Field editor that provides var ious pre-defined options as a drop-down combobox.
abstract class OptionEditorViewModel
class OwnerEditor
class OwnerEditorViewModel
class PaginationEditorViewModel
class PatentTypeEditorViewModel
class PersonsEditor
class PersonsEditorViewModel
class SimpleEditor
class SimpleEditorViewModel
class TextInputControlBehavior
This class contains some code taken from com.sun.javafx.sce ne.control.behavior.TextI...
class TypeEditorViewModel
class URLUtil
class UrlEditor
class UrlEditorViewModel
class YesNoEditorViewModel
class CaseChangeMenu
class ClearField
class ConversionMenu
Menu to show up on right-click in a text field for converti ng text formats
class EditorMenus
Provides context menus for the text fields of the entry edi tor. Note that we use Sup...
class ProtectedTermsMenu
class AttachFileAction
class FileListEntry
This class represents a file l ink for a Bibtex entry.
class LinkedFileEditDialogView
class LinkedFilesEditDialogViewModel
class GroupDescriptions
class GroupDialogView
class GroupDialogViewModel
class GroupModeViewModel
class GroupNodeViewModel
class GroupSidePane
The groups side pane.
class GroupTreeNodeViewModel
class GroupTreeView
class GroupTreeViewModel
enum GroupViewMode
class MoveGroupChange
class UndoableAddOrRemoveGroup
class UndoableChangeEntriesOfGroup
class UndoableModifySubtree
class UndoableMoveGroup
class AboutAction
class AboutDialogView
class AboutDialogViewModel
class ErrorConsoleAction
Such an error console can be u seful in getting complete bug reports, especially from...
class HelpAction
This Action keeps a reference to a URL. When activated, it shows the help Dialog unl...
class NewVersionDialog
class SearchForUpdateAction
class VersionWorker
This worker checks if there is a new version of JabRef avai lable. If there is it wil...
class IconTheme
class InternalMaterialDesignIcon
interface JabRefIcon
class JabRefIconView
enum JabRefMaterialDesignIcon
Provides the same true-type fo nt interface as MaterialDesig nIcon itself, but uses a ...
class ImportAction
class ImportCommand
Perform import operation
class ImportCustomEntryTypesDialog
class ImportCustomEntryTypesDialogViewModel
class ImportCustomizationDialog
class ImportCustomizationDialogViewModel
class ImportEntriesDialog
class ImportEntriesViewModel
class ManageCustomImportsAction
class NewDatabaseAction
Create a new, empty, database.
class NewEntryAction
class ParserResultWarningDialog
Class for generating a dialog showing warnings from ParserR esult
class UnlinkedFilesCrawler
Util class for searching files on the file system which are not linked to a provided...
class UnlinkedPDFFileFilter
FileFilter implementation, th at allows only files which ar e notlinked in any of the...
class CheckForNewEntryTypesAction
This action checks whether any new custom entry types were loaded from this BIB file...
interface GUIPostOpenAction
This interface defines potenti al actions that may need to b e taken after opening a B...
class MergeReviewIntoCommentAction
class MergeReviewIntoCommentConfirmationDialog
class OpenDatabaseAction
class LookupIdentifierAction
class WebSearchPane
class WebSearchPaneViewModel
class IntegrityCheckAction
class IntegrityCheckDialog
class IntegrityCheckDialogViewModel
class AbbreviateAction
Converts journal full names to either iso or medline abbrev iations for all selected ...
enum AbbreviationType
Defines the different abbrevia tion types that JabRef can op erate with.
class AbbreviationViewModel
This class provides a view mod el for abbreviation objects w hich can also define plac...
class AbbreviationsFileViewModel
This class provides a model fo r abbreviation files. It actu ally doesn't save the fil...
class ManageJournalAbbreviationsView
This class controls the user i nterface of the journal abbre viations dialog. The UI e...
class ManageJournalAbbreviationsViewModel
This class provides a model fo r managing journal abbreviati on lists. It provides all...
class ManageJournalsAction
class UndoableAbbreviator
class UndoableUnabbreviator
class CustomizeKeyBindingAction
enum KeyBinding
enum KeyBindingCategory
class KeyBindingRepository
class KeyBindingViewModel
This class represents a view m odel for objects of the KeyBi nding class. It has two p...
class KeyBindingsDialogView
class KeyBindingsDialogViewModel
class LibraryPropertiesAction
class LibraryPropertiesDialogView
class LibraryPropertiesDialogViewModel
class ApplicationInsightsAppender
class ApplicationInsightsLogEvent
class GuiAppender
class BibEntryTableViewModel
class CellFactory
class ColumnPreferences
class FieldColumn
A column that displays the tex t-value of the field
class MainTable
class MainTableColumn
class MainTableColumnFactory
class MainTableColumnModel
Represents the full internal n ame of a column in the main t able. Consists of two par...
class MainTableDataModel
class MainTableNameFormatter
class MainTablePreferences
class OpenExternalFileAction
class OpenFolderAction
class OpenUrlAction
class PersistenceVisualStateTable
Keep track of changes made to the columns (reordering, reso rting, resizing).
class RightClickMenu
class SearchShortScienceAction
class SmartConstrainedResizePolicy
This resize policy is almost t he same as TableView#CONSTRAI NED_RESIZE_POLICY We make...
class ChangeEntryTypeMenu
class FileHistoryMenu
class DiffHighlighting
class FetchAndMergeEntry
Class for fetching and merging bibliographic information
class MergeEntries
class MergeEntriesAction
class MergeEntriesDialog
class MergeWithFetchedEntryAction
class BibtexStringEditorAction
class BibtexStringEditorDialogView
class BibtexStringEditorDialogViewModel
class BibtexStringEditorItemModel
class PreambleEditor
class AdvancedCiteDialogView
class AdvancedCiteDialogViewModel
class BibEntryNotFoundException
class Bootstrap
Bootstrap offers functionality to obtain a context or simpl y a service manager. The ...
class CitationEntryViewModel
class ConnectionLostException
This exception is used to indi cate that connection to OpenO ffice has been lost.
class CreationException
Exception used to indicate tha t the plugin attempted to set a character format that ...
class DetectOpenOfficeInstallation
Tools for automatically detect ing OpenOffice or LibreOffice installations.
class ManageCitationsDialogView
class ManageCitationsDialogViewModel
class ManualConnectDialogView
class ManualConnectDialogViewModel
class NoDocumentException
Exception used to indicate tha t the plugin attempted to set a character format that ...
class OOBibBase
Class for manipulating the Bib liography of the currently st art document in OpenOffice.
class OpenOfficePanel
Pane to manage the interaction between JabRef and OpenOffic e.
class OpenOfficeSidePanel
class StyleSelectDialogView
class StyleSelectDialogViewModel
class StyleSelectItemViewModel
class UndefinedCharacterFormatException
Exception used to indicate tha t the plugin attempted to set a character format that ...
abstract class AbstractPreferenceTabView
class AdvancedTabView
class AdvancedTabViewModel
class AppearanceTabView
class AppearanceTabViewModel
class BibtexKeyPatternTabView
class BibtexKeyPatternTabViewModel
class EntryEditorTabView
class EntryEditorTabViewModel
class ExportSortingTabView
class ExportSortingTabViewModel
class ExternalTabView
class ExternalTabViewModel
class FileTabView
class FileTabViewModel
class GeneralTabView
class GeneralTabViewModel
class GroupsTabView
class GroupsTabViewModel
class ImportTabView
class ImportTabViewModel
class NameFormatterItemModel
class NameFormatterTabView
class NameFormatterTabViewModel
interface PreferenceTabViewModel
class PreferencesDialogView
Preferences dialog. Contains a TabbedPane, and tabs will be defined in separate clas...
class PreferencesDialogViewModel
class PreferencesFilterDialog
class PreferencesSearchHandler
interface PreferencesTab
A prefsTab is a component disp layed in the PreferenceDialog . It needs to extend from...
class PreviewTabView
class PreviewTabViewModel
class ShowPreferencesAction
class TableColumnsTabView
class TableColumnsTabViewModel
class TableTabView
class TableTabViewModel
class XmpPrivacyTabView
class XmpPrivacyTabViewModel
class CopyCitationAction
Copies the selected entries an d formats them with the selec ted citation style (or pr...
class PreviewPanel
class PreviewViewer
Displays an BibEntry using the given layout format.
class ManageProtectedTermsAction
class ManageProtectedTermsDialog
Dialog for managing term list files.
class ManageProtectedTermsViewModel
class NewProtectedTermsFileDialog
abstract class AbstractPushToApplication
Abstract class for pushing ent ries into different editors.
interface PushToApplication
Class that defines interaction with an external application in the form of "pushing"...
class PushToApplicationAction
An Action class representing t he process of invoking a Push ToApplication operation.
class PushToApplicationSettings
class PushToApplicationsManager
class PushToEmacs
class PushToEmacsSettings
class PushToLyx
class PushToLyxSettings
class PushToTeXstudio
class PushToTexmaker
Class for pushing entries into TexMaker.
class PushToVim
class PushToVimSettings
class PushToWinEdt
class JabRefMessageHandler
class GlobalSearchBar
enum SearchDisplayMode
Collects the possible search m odes
class SearchTextField
class ContainsAndRegexBasedSearchRuleDescriber
class GrammarBasedSearchRuleDescriber
interface SearchDescriber
class SearchDescribers
class ConnectToSharedDatabaseCommand
Opens a shared database.
class PullChangesFromSharedAction
class SharedDatabaseLoginDialogView
class SharedDatabaseLoginDialogViewModel
class SharedDatabaseUIManager
class SpecialFieldAction
enum SpecialFieldDatabaseChangeListener
class SpecialFieldMenuItemFactory
class SpecialFieldValueViewModel
class SpecialFieldViewModel
class SpecialFieldsPreferences
class CitationsDisplay
class FileNodeViewModel
class ParseLatexAction
class ParseLatexDialogView
class ParseLatexDialogViewModel
class ParseLatexResultView
class ParseLatexResultViewModel
class ReferenceViewModel
class AbstractUndoableJabRefEdit
class CountingUndoManager
class NamedCompound
class UndoRedoAction
class UndoableChangeType
This class represents the chan ge of type for an entry.
class UndoableFieldChange
This class represents a change in any field value. The rele vant information is the B...
class UndoableInsertEntries
This class represents the remo val of entries. The construct or needs references to th...
class UndoableInsertString
class UndoableKeyChange
This class represents a change in any field value. The rele vant information is the B...
class UndoablePreambleChange
This class represents a change in any field value. The rele vant information is the B...
class UndoableRemoveEntries
This class represents the remo val of entries. The construct or needs references to th...
class UndoableRemoveString
class UndoableStringChange
abstract class BackgroundTask
This class is essentially a wr apper around Task . We cannot use Task directly since ...
class BaseDialog
class BindingsHelper
Helper methods for javafx bind ing. Some methods are taken f rom https://bugs.openjdk....
class ColorUtil
class ControlHelper
class CurrentThreadTaskExecutor
Implementation of TaskExecutor that runs every task on the current thread, i.e. in a...
class CustomLocalDragboard
Placeholder class for a custom generic type safe dragboard to be used in drag and dr...
class DefaultFileUpdateMonitor
This class monitors a set of f iles for changes. Upon detect ing a change it notifies ...
class DefaultTaskExecutor
A very simple implementation o f the TaskExecutor interface. Every submitted task is i...
class DirectoryDialogConfiguration
enum DroppingMouseLocation
The mouse location within the cell when the dropping gestur e occurs.
class FieldsUtil
class FileDialogConfiguration
class FileFilterConverter
class IconValidationDecorator
This class is similar to Graph icValidationDecoration but wi th a different style and ...
class JabRefResourceLocator
class MappedList
MappedList implementation base d on https://github.com/corda /corda/blob/master/client...
class NoSelectionModel
Disables selection
class OnlyIntegerFormatter
Formatter that only accepts in teger. More or less taken fro m http://stackoverflow.co...
class OpenHyperlinksInExternalBrowser
A Hyperlink Click Listener for javafx.WebView to open links on click in the browser ...
class OptionalObjectProperty
Similar to org.fxmisc.easybind .monadic.MonadicObservableVal ue
class OptionalValueTableCellFactory
Constructs a TableCell based o n an optional value of the ce ll and a bunch of specifi...
class RadioButtonCell
class RecursiveTreeItem
class StreamGobbler
interface TaskExecutor
An object that executes submit ted Task s. This interface pr ovides a way of decouplin...
class TextFlowLimited
class ThemeLoader
Installs the style file and pr ovides live reloading. The li ve reloading has to be tu...
class TooltipTextUtil
Utility class with static meth ods for javafx Text objects
class UiThreadList
class ValueTableCellFactory
Constructs a TableCell based o n the value of the cell and a bunch of specified conve...
class ViewModelListCellFactory
Constructs a ListCell based on the view model of the row an d a bunch of specified co...
class ViewModelTableRowFactory
Constructs a TreeTableCell bas ed on the view model of the r ow and a bunch of specifi...
class ViewModelTextFieldTableCellVisualizationFactory
class ViewModelTreeCellFactory
Constructs a TreeTableCell bas ed on the view model of the r ow and a bunch of specifi...
class ViewModelTreeTableCellFactory
Constructs a TreeTableCell bas ed on the view model of the r ow and a bunch of specifi...
class ZipFileChooser
Dialog to allow users to choos e a file contained in a ZIP f ile.
class NumericFieldComparator
Comparator for numeric cases. The purpose of this class is to add the numeric compar...
class PriorityFieldComparator
class RankingFieldComparator
Comparator for rankings. Inver se comparison of ranking as r ank5 is higher than rank1
class ReadStatusFieldComparator
class DiffHighlightingTextPane
class Tag
A tag item in a TagBar .
class TagBar
Field editor that provides var ious pre-defined options as a drop-down combobox.
class TemporalAccessorPicker
A date picker with configurabl e datetime format where both date and time can be chan...
class UiThreadChangeListener
class UiThreadHelper
class UiThreadInvalidationListener
class UiThreadListChangeListener
class UiThreadObservableList
This class can be used to wrap an @see ObservableList insid e it. When wrapped, any L...
class UiThreadStringProperty
This class can be used to wrap a @see StringProperty inside it. When wrapped, any Li...
class TypedBibEntry
Wrapper around a BibEntry offe ring methods for BibDatabaseM ode dependend results
class AutosaveManager
Saves the given BibDatabaseCon text on every BibDatabaseCont extChangedEvent by postin...
class BackupManager
Backups the given bib database file from BibDatabaseContext on every BibDatabaseCont...
class DefaultAuxParser
LaTeX Aux to BibTeX Parser Ext racts a subset of BibTeX entr ies from a BibDatabase th...
class BibEntryWriter
class DuplicateCheck
This class contains utility me thod for duplicate checking o f entries.
class FieldContentFormatter
This class provides the reform atting needed when reading Bi bTeX fields formatted in ...
class FieldContentFormatterPreferences
class FieldWriter
Converts JabRef's internal Bib TeX representation of a BibTe X field to BibTeX text re...
class FieldWriterPreferences
class InvalidFieldValueException
class BibDatabaseDiff
class BibEntryDiff
class BibStringDiff
class BibtexStringComparator
class CrossRefEntryComparator
Compares Bibtex entries based on their 'crossref' fields. E ntries including this fie...
class EntryComparator
This implementation of Compara tor takes care of most of the details of sorting BibTe...
class FieldComparator
A comparator for BibEntry fiel ds
class FieldComparatorStack
This class represents a list o f comparators. The first Comp arator takes precedence, ...
class GroupDiff
class IdComparator
Comparator for sorting BibEntr y objects based on their ID. This can be used to sort ...
class MetaDataDiff
class PreambleDiff
class BibtexKeyGenerator
This is the utility class of t he LabelPattern package.
class BibtexKeyPatternPreferences
class BracketedPattern
The BracketedExpressionExpande r provides methods to expand bracketed expressions, su...
class BibtexCaseChanger
class BibtexNameFormatter
From Bibtex: "The |built_in| f unction {\.{format.name\$}} p ops the top three literal...
class BibtexPurify
The |built_in| function {\.{pu rify\$}} pops the top (string ) literal, removes nonalp...
class BibtexTextPrefix
The |built_in| function {\.{te xt.prefix\$}} pops the top tw o literals (the integer l...
class BibtexWidth
The |built_in| function {\.{pu rify\$}} pops the top (string ) literal, removes nonalp...
class BstPreviewLayout
class ChangeCaseFunction
From the Bibtex manual: Pops t he top two (string) literals; it changes the case of t...
class FormatNameFunction
From Bibtex: "The |built_in| f unction {\.{format.name\$}} p ops the top three literal...
class PurifyFunction
The |built_in| function {\.{pu rify\$}} pops the top (string ) literal, removes nonalp...
class TextPrefixFunction
The |built_in| function {\.{te xt.prefix\$}} pops the top tw o literals (the integer l...
class VM
A BibTeX Virtual machine that can execute .bst files. Docum entation can be found in ...
class VMException
interface Warn
class WidthFunction
The |built_in| function {\.{wi dth\$}} pops the top (string) literal and pushes the i...
class CSLAdapter
Provides an adapter class to C SL. It holds a CSL instance u nder the hood that is onl...
class CitationStyle
Representation of a CitationSt yle. Stores its name, the fil e path and the style itself
class CitationStyleCache
Caches the generated Citations for quicker access CitationS tyleGenerator generates t...
class CitationStyleGenerator
Facade to unify the access to the citation style engine. Us e these methods if you ne...
enum CitationStyleOutputFormat
class CitationStylePreviewLayout
class JabRefLocaleProvider
A LocaleProvider that loads lo cales from a directory in the current module. This imp...
class CleanupPreferences
class CleanupPreset
class CleanupWorker
class Cleanups
class ConvertToBiblatexCleanup
Converts the entry to biblatex format.
class ConvertToBibtexCleanup
Converts the entry to biblatex format.
class DoiCleanup
Formats the DOI (e.g. removes http part) and also moves DOI s from note, url or ee fi...
class EprintCleanup
Formats the DOI (e.g. removes http part) and also moves DOI s from note, url or ee fi...
class FileLinksCleanup
Fixes the format of the file f ield. For example, if the fil e link is empty but the d...
class ISSNCleanup
class MoveFieldCleanup
Moves the content of one field to another field.
class MoveFilesCleanup
class RelativePathsCleanup
class RenamePdfCleanup
class UpgradePdfPsToFileCleanup
Collects file links from the p s and pdf fields, and add the m to the list contained i...
class AtomicFileOutputStream
A file output stream that is s imilar to the standard FileOu tputStream , except that ...
class AtomicFileWriter
Writer that similar to the bui lt-in java.io.FileWriter but uses the AtomicFileOutput...
abstract class BibDatabaseWriter
class BibTeXMLExporter
Export format for the BibTeXML format.
class BibtexDatabaseWriter
abstract class Exporter
class ExporterFactory
class GroupSerializer
class MSBibExporter
TemplateExporter for exporting in MSBIB XML format.
class MetaDataSerializer
class ModsExporter
TemplateExporter for exporting in MODS XML format.
class OOCalcDatabase
class OpenDocumentRepresentation
class OpenDocumentSpreadsheetCreator
class OpenOfficeDocumentCreator
class SaveException
Exception thrown if saving goe s wrong. If caused by a speci fic entry, keeps track of...
class SavePreferences
class TemplateExporter
Base class for export formats based on templates.
class XmpExporter
A custom exporter to write bib entries to a .xmp file for f urther processing in othe...
class XmpPdfExporter
class ExternalFilesContentImporter
class LinkedFileHandler
class Formatters
class IdentityFormatter
It may seem useless, but is ne eded as a fallback option
class AddBracesFormatter
class CleanupUrlFormatter
Cleanup URL link
class ClearFormatter
class EscapeAmpersandsFormatter
class EscapeUnderscoresFormatter
class HtmlToLatexFormatter
class HtmlToUnicodeFormatter
class LatexCleanupFormatter
Simplifies LaTeX syntax. org.j abref.logic.layout.format.Rem oveLatexCommandsFormatter...
class NormalizeDateFormatter
This class transforms date to the format yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy -mm..
class NormalizeEnDashesFormatter
class NormalizeMonthFormatter
class NormalizeNamesFormatter
Formatter normalizing a list o f person names to the BibTeX format.
class NormalizeNewlinesFormatter
Trim all whitespace characters (defined in java) in the str ing.
class NormalizePagesFormatter
This class includes sensible d efaults for consistent format ting of BibTeX page numbe...
class OrdinalsToSuperscriptFormatter
This class transforms ordinal numbers into LaTeX superscrip ts.
class RegexFormatter
class RemoveBracesFormatter
class RemoveHyphenatedNewlinesFormatter
Removes all hyphenated line br eaks in the string.
class RemoveNewlinesFormatter
Removes all line breaks in the string.
class ShortenDOIFormatter
class TrimWhitespaceFormatter
Trim all whitespace characters (defined in java) in the stri ng.
class UnicodeToLatexFormatter
class UnitsToLatexFormatter
class CapitalizeFormatter
class LowerCaseFormatter
class ProtectTermsFormatter
class SentenceCaseFormatter
class Title
Represents a title of a bibtex entry.
class TitleCaseFormatter
class TitleParser
Parses a title to a list of wo rds.
class UpperCaseFormatter
class Word
Represents a word in a title o f a bibtex entry. A word can have protected chars (enc...
class MinifyNameListFormatter
Replaces three or more authors with and others
class TruncateFormatter
class DefaultGroupsFactory
enum HelpFile
This enum globally defines all help pages with the name of the markdown file in the ...
interface EntryBasedFetcher
Searches web resources for bib liographic information based on a BibEntry . Useful to...
interface EntryBasedParserFetcher
Provides a convenient interfac e for entry-based fetcher, wh ich follow the usual thre...
class FetcherException
class FetcherResult
interface FulltextFetcher
This interface is used for cla sses that try to resolve a fu ll-text PDF url for a Bib...
class FulltextFetchers
Utility class for trying to re solve URLs to full-text PDF f or articles.
interface IdBasedFetcher
Searches web resources for bib liographic information based on an identifier.
interface IdBasedParserFetcher
Provides a convenient interfac e for ID-based fetcher, which follow the usual three-s...
interface IdFetcher
Looks for article identifier b ased on already present bibli ographic information.
interface IdParserFetcher
Provides a convenient interfac e for IdFetcher , which follo w the usual three-step pr...
class ImportException
class ImportFormatPreferences
class ImportFormatReader
abstract class Importer
Role of an importer for JabRef .
class OpenDatabase
interface OutputPrinter
class ParseException
class ParserResult
interface SearchBasedFetcher
Searches web resources for bib liographic information based on a free-text query. May...
interface SearchBasedParserFetcher
Provides a convenient interfac e for search-based fetcher, w hich follow the usual thr...
interface WebFetcher
Searches web resources for bib liographic information.
class WebFetchers
class ACMPortalFetcher
class ACS
FulltextFetcher implementation that attempts to find a PDF URL at ACS.
abstract class AbstractIsbnFetcher
class ApsFetcher
FulltextFetcher implementation that attempts to find a PDF URL at APS. Also see the ...
class ArXiv
Fetcher for the arXiv.
class AstrophysicsDataSystem
Fetches data from the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ht tps://ui.adsabs.harvard.e...
class BibsonomyScraper
Convenience class for getting BibTeX entries from the BibSo nomy scraper, from an URL...
class CiteSeer
class CrossRef
A class for fetching DOIs from CrossRef See https://github. com/CrossRef/rest-api-doc
class DBLPFetcher
Fetches BibTeX data from DBLP (dblp.org)
class DOAJFetcher
Fetches data from the Director y of Open Access Journals (DO AJ)
class DiVA
class DoiFetcher
class DoiResolution
FulltextFetcher implementation that follows the DOI resolut ion redirects and scans f...
class GoogleScholar
FulltextFetcher implementation that attempts to find a PDF URL at GoogleScholar. Sea...
class GrobidCitationFetcher
class GvkFetcher
class IEEE
Class for finding PDF URLs for entries on IEEE Will first l ook for URLs of the type ...
class INSPIREFetcher
Fetches data from the INSPIRE database.
class IacrEprintFetcher
class IsbnFetcher
Fetcher for ISBN trying ebook. de first, chimbori.com and th en ottobib
class IsbnViaEbookDeFetcher
Fetcher for ISBN using http:// www.ebook.de.
class IsbnViaOttoBibFetcher
Fetcher for ISBN using https:/ /www.ottobib.com
class LibraryOfCongress
Fetcher for the Library of Con gress Control Number (LCCN) u sing https://lccn.loc.gov/
class MathSciNet
Fetches data from the MathSciN et (http://www.ams.org/mathsc inet)
class MedlineFetcher
Fetch or search from PubMed ww w.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov The Medlin eFetcher fetches the entr...
class MrDLibFetcher
This class is responsible for getting the recommendations f rom Mr. DLib
class OpenAccessDoi
A fulltext fetcher that uses o aDOI .
class RfcFetcher
class ScienceDirect
FulltextFetcher implementation that attempts to find a PDF URL at ScienceDirect. See...
class SpringerFetcher
Fetches data from the Springer
class SpringerLink
FulltextFetcher implementation that attempts to find a PDF URL at SpringerLink. Uses...
class TitleFetcher
enum TrustLevel
class ZbMATH
Fetches data from the Zentralb latt Math (https://www.zbmath .org/)
class BibTeXMLImporter
Importer for the BibTeXML form at. check here for details on the format http://bibtex...
class BiblioscapeImporter
Imports a Biblioscape Tag File . The format is described on http://www.biblioscape.co...
class BibtexImporter
This importer exists only to e nable `--importToOpen someEnt ry.bib` It is NOT intende...
class BibtexParser
Class for importing BibTeX-fil es. Use: BibtexParser parser = new BibtexParser(reader...
class CoinsParser
class CopacImporter
Importer for COPAC format. Doc umentation can be found onlin e at: http://copac.ac.uk/...
class CustomImporter
Object with data for a custom importer. Is also responsible for instantiating the cl...
class EndnoteImporter
Importer for the Refer/Endnote format. modified to use arti cle number for pages if p...
class EndnoteXmlImporter
Importer for the Endnote XML f ormat. Based on dtd scheme do wnloaded from Article #12...
class GvkParser
class InspecImporter
INSPEC format importer.
class IsiImporter
Importer for the ISI Web of Sc ience, INSPEC and Medline for mat. Documentation about ...
class MedlineImporter
Importer for the Medline/Pubme d format. check here for deta ils on the format https:/...
class MedlinePlainImporter
Importer for the MEDLINE Plain format. check here for detai ls on the format http://w...
class ModsImporter
Importer for the MODS format. More details about the format can be found here http:/...
class MrDLibImporter
Handles importing of recommend ed articles to be displayed i n the Related Articles tab.
class MsBibImporter
Importer for the MS Office 200 7 XML bibliography format
class OvidImporter
Imports an Ovid file.
class PdfContentImporter
PdfContentImporter parses data of the first page of the PDF and creates a BibTeX ent...
class PdfXmpImporter
Wraps the XMPUtility function to be used as an Importer.
class RepecNepImporter
Imports a New Economics Papers -Message from the REPEC-NEP S ervice. RePEc (Research P...
class RisImporter
class SilverPlatterImporter
Imports a SilverPlatter export ed file. This is a poor forma t to parse, so it current...
class GrobidService
Implements an API to a GROBID server, as described at https ://grobid.readthedocs.io/...
class GroupsParser
Converts string representation of groups to a parsed GroupT reeNode .
class INSPIREBibtexFilterReader
Warning -- it is not a generic filter, only read is impleme nted! Note: this is just ...
class IdentifierParser
class JsonReader
Converts an InputStream into a JSONObject .
class MediaTypes
Stores MediaTypes required by JabRef (which are not availbl e in used libraries)
class MetaDataParser
class ShortDOIService
Class for obtaining shortened DOI names. See https://shortd oi.org .
class ShortDOIServiceException
class ASCIICharacterChecker
class AbbreviationChecker
class BibStringChecker
class BibTeXEntryTypeChecker
BibTeX mode only checker
class BibtexKeyChecker
Currently only checks the key if there is an author, year, and title present.
class BibtexKeyDuplicationChecker
class BibtexkeyDeviationChecker
class BooktitleChecker
class BracesCorrector
class BracketChecker
class DOIValidityChecker
class DateChecker
class EditionChecker
class EntryLinkChecker
class FieldChecker
class FieldCheckers
class FileChecker
class HTMLCharacterChecker
class HowPublishedChecker
class ISBNChecker
class ISSNChecker
class IntegrityCheck
class IntegrityMessage
class JournalInAbbreviationListChecker
class MonthChecker
class NoBibtexFieldChecker
This checker checks whether th e entry does not contain any field appearing only in b...
class NoteChecker
class PagesChecker
class PersonNamesChecker
class TitleChecker
class TypeChecker
class UrlChecker
class ValidBibtexKeyChecker
Makes sure the key is legal
interface ValueChecker
class YearChecker
class Abbreviation
class AbbreviationFormat
class AbbreviationParser
Reads abbreviation files (CSV format) into a list of Abbrev iations.
class AbbreviationWriter
This class provides handy stat ic methods to save abbreviati ons to the file system.
class JournalAbbreviationLoader
class JournalAbbreviationPreferences
class JournalAbbreviationRepository
A repository for all journal a bbreviations, including add a nd find methods.
class Encodings
enum Language
Contains all supported languag es.
class Localization
Provides handling for messages and menu entries in the pref erred language of the use...
class LocalizationKey
class LocalizationKeyParams
class LocalizationLocator
abstract class AbstractParamLayoutFormatter
This is an abstract implementa tion of ParamLayoutFormatter, which provides some func...
class Layout
class LayoutEntry
interface LayoutFormatter
The LayoutFormatter is used fo r a Filter design-pattern. Im plementing classes have t...
class LayoutFormatterBasedFormatter
When having to use a LayoutFor matter as Formatter, this cla ss is helpful. One usecas...
class LayoutFormatterPreferences
class LayoutHelper
Helper class to get a Layout o bject. LayoutHelper helper = new LayoutHelper(...a rea...
interface ParamLayoutFormatter
This interface extends LayoutF ormatter, adding the capabili ty of taking and addition...
class StringInt
String and integer value.
class TextBasedPreviewLayout
Implements the preview based J abRef's Custom export fitlter s .
class AuthorAbbreviator
Duplicate of AuthorLastFirstAb breviator.
class AuthorAndToSemicolonReplacer
class AuthorAndsCommaReplacer
Replaces and's for & (in case of two authors) and , (in cas e of more than two author...
class AuthorAndsReplacer
Replaces and's for & (in case of two authors) and ; (in cas e of more than two author...
class AuthorFirstAbbrLastCommas
Names are given as first name , von and last name. First na mes will be abbreviated. ...
class AuthorFirstAbbrLastOxfordCommas
Names are given as first name , von and last name. First na mes will be abbreviated. ...
class AuthorFirstFirst
Author First First prints ....
class AuthorFirstFirstCommas
Names are given in order: fir st von last, jr. First names will NOT be abbreviated. ...
class AuthorFirstLastCommas
Names are given as first name , von and last name. First na mes will not be abbreviat...
class AuthorFirstLastOxfordCommas
Names are given as first name , von and last name. Individu al authors separated by c...
class AuthorLF_FF
class AuthorLF_FFAbbr
class AuthorLastFirst
class AuthorLastFirstAbbrCommas
Names are given in order: von last, jr, first. First names will be abbreviated. Ind...
class AuthorLastFirstAbbrOxfordCommas
Names are given in order: von last, jr, first. First names will be abbreviated. Ind...
class AuthorLastFirstAbbreviator
Uses as input the fields (auth or or editor) in the LastFirs t format. This formater e...
class AuthorLastFirstCommas
Names are given in order: von last, jr, first. First names will NOT be abbreviated....
class AuthorLastFirstOxfordCommas
Names are given in order: von last, jr, first. First names will NOT be abbreviated....
class AuthorNatBib
Natbib style: Last names only. Two authors are separated by "and", three or more aut...
class AuthorOrgSci
Will return the Authors to mat ch the OrgSci format: That is the first author is Last...
class Authors
Versatile author name formatte r that takes arguments to con trol the formatting style.
class CompositeFormat
A layout formatter that is the composite of the given Forma tters executed in order.
class CreateBibORDFAuthors
class CreateDocBook4Authors
Create DocBook authors formatt er.
class CreateDocBook4Editors
Create DocBook4 editors format ter.
class CreateDocBook5Authors
Create DocBook5 authors format ter
class CreateDocBook5Editors
Create DocBook editors formatt er.
class CurrentDate
Inserts the current date (the time a database is being expo rted). If a fieldText is ...
class DOICheck
Used to fix [ 1588028 ] export HTML table DOI URL. Will pre pend "http://doi.org/" if...
class DOIStrip
Will strip any prefixes from t he Doi field, in order to out put only the Doi number
class DateFormatter
class Default
Layout formatter that puts in a default value (given as arg ument) if the field is em...
class DocBookAuthorFormatter
DocBook author formatter for b oth version 4 and 5
enum DocBookVersion
class EntryTypeFormatter
class FileLink
Export formatter that handles the file link list of JabRef 2.3 and later, by selecti...
class FileLinkPreferences
class FirstPage
Formatter that returns the fir st page from the "pages" fiel d, if set. For instance, ...
class FormatPagesForHTML
class FormatPagesForXML
class GetOpenOfficeType
Change type of record to match the one used by OpenOffice f ormatter.
class HTMLChars
This formatter escapes charact ers so they are suitable for HTML.
class HTMLParagraphs
Will interpret two consecutive newlines as the start of a n ew paragraph and thus wra...
class IfPlural
This formatter takes two argum ents and examines the field t ext. If the field text re...
class Iso690FormatDate
class Iso690NamesAuthors
class JournalAbbreviator
JournalAbbreviator formats the given text in an abbreviated form according to the jo...
class LastPage
Formatter that returns the las t page from the "pages" field , if set. For instance, i...
class LatexToUnicodeFormatter
This formatter converts LaTeX character sequences their equ ivalent unicode character...
class MarkdownFormatter
class NameFormatter
This layout formatter uses the Bibtex name.format$ method a nd provides ultimate flex...
class NameFormatterPreferences
class NoSpaceBetweenAbbreviations
LayoutFormatter that removes the space between abbreviated First names What out tha...
class NotFoundFormatter
Formatter used to signal that a formatter hasn't been found . This can be used for gr...
class Number
Formatter that outputs a seque nce number for the current en try. The sequence number ...
class Ordinal
Converts number to ordinal
class RTFChars
Transform a LaTeX-String to RT F. This method will: 1.) Remo ve LaTeX-Command sequence...
class RemoveBrackets
Remove brackets formatter. "{S tefan Kolb}" -> "Stefan Kolb"
class RemoveBracketsAddComma
Remove brackets formatter.
class RemoveLatexCommandsFormatter
class RemoveTilde
Replace a non-command tilde ~ by a space. Useful for format ting Latex code.
class RemoveWhitespace
Remove non printable character formatter.
class Replace
Formatter that does regexp rep lacement. To use this formatt er, a two-part argument m...
class ReplaceUnicodeLigaturesFormatter
class RisAuthors
class RisKeywords
class RisMonth
class ToLowerCase
Convert the contents to lower case.
class ToUpperCase
Convert the contents to upper case.
class WrapContent
This formatter outputs the inp ut value after adding a prefi x and a postfix, as long ...
class WrapFileLinks
This formatter iterates over a ll file links, or all file li nks of a specified type, ...
class XMLChars
Changes {\^o} or {\^{o}} to ?
class JabRefLogger
class LogMessages
This class is used for storing and archiving all message ou tput of JabRef as log eve...
class BibTeXConverter
class MSBibConverter
class MSBibDatabase
Microsoft Word bibliography. T he class is uesed both for im port and export See http:...
class MSBibEntry
MSBib entry representation
enum MSBibEntryType
This class represents all supp orted MSBib entry types. Book , BookSection, JournalArt...
class MSBibMapping
Mapping between Msbib and bibl atex All Fields: List of all MSBib fields
class MsBibAuthor
class PageNumbers
class ProgressInputStream
An input stream that keeps tra ck of the amount of bytes alr eady read. Code based on ...
class ProxyAuthenticator
class ProxyPreferences
class ProxyRegisterer
class URLDownload
URL download to a string. Exam ple: URLDownload dl = new URL Download(URL); String con...
class CitationEntry
class OOBibStyle
This class embodies a bibliogr aphy formatting for OpenOffic e, which is composed of t...
class OOPreFormatter
This formatter preprocesses Ja bRef fields before they are r un through the layout of ...
class OOUtil
Utility methods for processing OO Writer documents.
class OpenOfficeFileSearch
class OpenOfficePreferences
class StyleLoader
class UndefinedBibtexEntry
Subclass of BibEntry for repre senting entries referenced in a document that can't be...
class UndefinedParagraphFormatException
Exception used to indicate tha t the plugin attempted to set a paragraph format that ...
interface AnnotationImporter
class EntryAnnotationImporter
Here all PDF files attached to a BibEntry are scanned for a nnotations using a PdfAnn...
class FileAnnotationCache
class PdfAnnotationImporter
class TextExtractor
Extracts the text of marked an notations using bounding boxe s.
class OwnerPreferences
class TimestampPreferences
interface PreviewLayout
Used for displaying a rendered entry in the UI. Due to hist orical reasons, "renderin...
class ProtectedTermsList
class ProtectedTermsLoader
class ProtectedTermsParser
Reads abbreviation files (prop erty files using NAME = ABBRE VIATION as a format) into...
class ProtectedTermsPreferences
class RemotePreferences
Place for handling the prefere nces for the remote communica tion
class RemoteUtil
class RemoteClient
interface MessageHandler
class RemoteListenerServer
class RemoteListenerServerLifecycle
Manages the RemoteListenerServ erThread through typical life cycle methods. open -> s...
class RemoteListenerServerThread
This thread wrapper is require d to be able to interrupt the remote listener while li...
class Protocol
enum RemoteMessage
class DatabaseSearcher
class SearchQuery
class DBMSConnection
class DBMSConnectionProperties
Keeps all essential data for e stablishing a new connection to a DBMS using DBMSConne...
class DBMSConnectionPropertiesBuilder
abstract class DBMSProcessor
Processes all incoming or outg oing bib data to external SQL Database and manages its...
class DBMSSynchronizer
Synchronizes the shared or loc al databases with their oppos ite side. Local changes a...
class MySQLProcessor
Processes all incoming or outg oing bib data to MySQL Databa se and manages its struct...
class OracleProcessor
Processes all incoming or outg oing bib data to Oracle datab ase and manages its struc...
class PostgreSQLProcessor
Processes all incoming or outg oing bib data to PostgreSQL d atabase and manages its s...
class ConnectionLostEvent
A new ConnectionLostEvent is f ired, when the connection to the shared database gets ...
class SharedEntriesNotPresentEvent
This event is fired when the u ser tries to push changes of one or more obsolete BibE...
class UpdateRefusedEvent
A new UpdateRefusedEvent is fi red, when the user tries to p ush changes of an obsolet...
class InvalidDBMSConnectionPropertiesException
This exception is thrown in ca se that DBMSConnectionPropert ies does not provide all ...
class NotASharedDatabaseException
This exception is thrown when a shared database is required , but it actually isn't o...
class OfflineLockException
This exception is thrown if a BibEntry with smaller version number is going to be us...
class SharedEntryNotPresentException
This exception is thrown if a BibEntry is going to be updat ed while it does not exis...
class OracleNotificationListener
A listener for Oracle database notifications.
class PostgresSQLNotificationListener
A listener for PostgreSQL data base notifications.
class SharedDatabasePreferences
Stores and reads persistent da ta for org.jabref.gui.shared. ConnectToSharedDatabaseDi...
class Password
Password contains methods whi ch are useful to encrypt and decrypt passwords using s...
class SpecialFieldsUtils
class DefaultLatexParser
class TexBibEntriesResolver
class AddUndoableActionEvent
Event sent when a new undoable action is added to the undo manager
class UndoChangeEvent
Event sent when something is u ndone or redone
class UndoRedoEvent
Event sent when something is u ndone or redone
class BuildInfo
class DelayTaskThrottler
This class allows to throttle a list of tasks. Use case: yo u have an event that occu...
class ExternalLinkCreator
interface FileType
Interface for StandardFileType which allows us to extend th e underlying enum with ow...
class JavaVersion
Provides simple checks to ensu re the correct version for Ja bRef is available. Curren...
class MetadataSerializationConfiguration
Specifies how metadata is read and written.
class OS
Operating system (OS) detectio n
enum StandardFileType
class TestEntry
class UnknownFileType
class UpdateField
class Version
Represents the Application Ver sion with the major and minor number, the full Version...
class AutoLinkPreferences
class CiteKeyBasedFileFinder
class DatabaseFileLookup
Search class for files. This c lass provides some functional ity to search in a BibDat...
interface FileFinder
class FileFinders
class FileHistory
class FileNameCleaner
This class is based on http:// stackoverflow.com/a/5626340/8 73282 extended with LEFT ...
class FileNameUniqueness
class FileUtil
class RegExpBasedFileFinder
class XMLUtil
Currently used for debugging o nly
class HTMLUnicodeConversionMaps
class QuotedStringTokenizer
A String tokenizer that works just like StringTokenizer, bu t considers quoted charac...
class RtfCharMap
class StringLengthComparator
class StringSimilarity
class UnicodeLigaturesMap
class XmlCharsMap
class DocumentInformationExtractor
class DublinCoreExtractor
class EncryptedPdfsNotSupportedException
class XmpPreferences
class XmpUtilReader
class XmpUtilShared
XMPUtilShared provides support for reading (@link XMPUtilRe ader) and writing (@link ...
class XmpUtilWriter
class ConvertLegacyExplicitGroups
Converts legacy explicit group s, where the group contained a list of assigned entrie...
class ConvertMarkingToGroups
Converts legacy explicit group s, where the group contained a list of assigned entrie...
class CustomEntryTypePreferenceMigration
class MergeReviewIntoCommentMigration
interface PostOpenMigration
class PreferencesMigrations
abstract class ChainNode
Represents a node in a chain. We view a chain as a vertical hierarchy and thus refer...
class FieldChange
This class is used in the inst ance of a field being modifie d, removed or added.
abstract class TreeNode
Represents a node in a tree. U sually, tree nodes have a val ue property which allows ...
interface AuxParser
class AuxParserResult
abstract class AbstractBibtexKeyPattern
A small table, where an entry type is associated with a Bib tex key pattern (an Array...
class DatabaseBibtexKeyPattern
class GlobalBibtexKeyPattern
interface CleanupJob
class FieldFormatterCleanup
Formats a given entry field wi th the specified formatter.
class FieldFormatterCleanups
abstract class Formatter
The Formatter is used for a Fi lter design-pattern. Extendin g classes have to accept ...
class BibDatabase
A bibliography database. This is the "bib" file (or the lib rary stored in a shared S...
class BibDatabaseContext
Represents everything related to a BIB file. The entries ar e stored in BibDatabase, ...
enum BibDatabaseMode
An enum which contains the pos sible BibDatabase Modes.Possi ble are BibTeX and biblat...
class BibDatabaseModeDetection
class BibDatabases
class KeyChangeListener
class KeyCollisionException
class AutosaveEvent
This Event is fired from org.j abref.logic.autosaveandbackup .AutosaveManager in case ...
class BibDatabaseContextChangedEvent
This Event is automatically fi red at the same time as Entri esEvent , GroupUpdatedEve...
enum ChangePropagation
class CoarseChangeFilter
Filters change events and only relays major changes.
class EntriesAddedEvent
EntriesAddedEvent is fired wh en at least BibEntry is being added to the BibDatabase .
class EntriesRemovedEvent
EntriesRemovedEvent is fired when at least one BibEntry is being removed from the d...
enum DBMSType
Enumerates all supported datab ase systems (DBMS) by JabRef.
interface DatabaseConnection
interface DatabaseConnectionProperties
enum DatabaseLocation
This enum represents the locat ion for BibDatabaseContext .
class DatabaseNotSupportedException
This exception is thrown in ca se that the SQL database stru cture is not compatible w...
interface DatabaseSynchronizer
class Author
This is an immutable class tha t keeps information regarding single author. It is jus...
class AuthorListParser
class BibEntry
Represents a BibTex / BibLaTeX entry. In case you search fo r a builder as described ...
class BibEntryType
class BibEntryTypeBuilder
class BibEntryTypesManager
class BibtexString
This class models a BibTex Str ing ("@String")
class CanonicalBibEntry
class Date
class EntryConverter
Converts Entry models from Bib Tex to biblatex and back.
class EntryLinkList
class FileFieldParser
class FileFieldWriter
class IdGenerator
IDs are at least 8 digit long. The lowest ID is 00000000, t he next would be 00000001...
class Keyword
Represents a keyword in a chai n of keywords. For example, " JabRef" in "Bibliographic...
class LinkedFile
Represents the link to an exte rnal file (e.g. associated PD F file). This class is Se...
enum Month
Represents a Month of the Year .
class ParsedEntryLink
class SharedBibEntryData
Stores all information needed to manage entries on a shared (SQL) database.
abstract class EntriesEvent
This abstract class pretends a minimal set of attributes an d methods which an entrie...
enum EntriesEventSource
This enum represents the conte xt EntriesEvents were sent fr om.
class EntryChangedEvent
EntryChangedEvent is fired wh en a BibEntry has been change d.
class FieldAddedOrRemovedEvent
class FieldChangedEvent
FieldChangedEvent is fired wh en a field of BibEntry has be en modified, removed or a...
class BibField
interface Field
class FieldFactory
enum FieldPriority
enum FieldProperty
enum IEEEField
IEEE BSTctl fields
enum InternalField
JabRef internal fields. These are not normal fields but mos tly place holders with sp...
class OrFields
enum SpecialField
enum SpecialFieldValue
enum StandardField
Standard BibTeX and BibLaTeX f ields, as well as "normal" Ja bRef specific fields.
class UnknownField
class ArXivIdentifier
Identifier for the arXiv. See https://arxiv.org/help/arxiv_ identifier
class DOI
Class for working with Digital object identifiers (DOIs) an d Short DOIs
class Eprint
Class for working with Eprint identifiers See also https:// arxiv.org/help/arxiv_iden...
class ISBN
class ISSN
interface Identifier
class MathSciNetId
Article identifier for MathSci Net (also sometimes called "M RNumber")
class BiblatexEntryTypeDefinitions
This class defines entry types for biblatex support.
class BibtexEntryTypeDefinitions
This class represents all supp orted BibTex entry types. Art icle, Book, Booklet, Conf...
interface EntryType
class EntryTypeFactory
enum IEEETranEntryType
class IEEETranEntryTypeDefinitions
This class represents all supp orted IEEETran entry types. S ee http://ctan.sharelatex...
enum StandardEntryType
class UnknownEntryType
abstract class AbstractGroup
Base class for all groups.
class AllEntriesGroup
This group contains all entrie s. Always. At any time!
abstract class AutomaticGroup
class AutomaticKeywordGroup
class AutomaticPersonsGroup
class ExplicitGroup
This group contains entries, w hich were manually assigned t o it. Assignments are sto...
interface GroupEntryChanger
Some groups can change entries so that they match (or no lo nger match) the group. Th...
enum GroupHierarchyType
class GroupTreeNode
A node in the groups tree that holds exactly one AbstractGr oup.
abstract class KeywordGroup
Matches entries based on a sea rch phrase relative to the co ntent in a specified field.
class RegexKeywordGroup
Matches entries if the content of a given field is matched by a regular expression.
class SearchGroup
This group matches entries by a complex search pattern, whi ch might include conditio...
class TexGroup
class WordKeywordGroup
Matches entries if a given fie ld contains a specified word.
class GroupUpdatedEvent
class ContentSelector
class ContentSelectors
class FilePreferences
class MetaData
class SaveOrderConfig
Stores the save order config f rom MetaData Format: <choi ce>, pair of field + asce...
class MetaDataChangedEvent
MetaDataChangedEvent is fired when a tuple of meta data ha s been put or removed.
class FileAnnotation
enum FileAnnotationType
Our representation of the type of the FileAnnotation. This is needed as some FileAnn...
class GroupSearchQuery
interface SearchMatcher
class AndMatcher
A set of matchers that returns true if all matcher match th e given entry.
abstract class MatcherSet
class MatcherSets
class NotMatcher
Inverts the search result. Exa mple: false --> true true --> false
class OrMatcher
A set of matchers that returns true if any matcher matches the given entry.
class ContainBasedSearchRule
Search rule for contain-based search.
class GrammarBasedSearchRule
The search query must be speci fied in an expression that is acceptable by the Search...
class RegexBasedSearchRule
Search rule for regex-based se arch.
interface SearchRule
class SearchRules
class SentenceAnalyzer
class LatexToUnicodeAdapter
Adapter class for the latex2un icode lib. This is an alterna tive to our LatexToUnicod...
class StringUtil
class UnicodeToReadableCharMap
class Citation
class LatexBibEntriesResolverResult
interface LatexParser
Parses a LaTeX file
class LatexParserResult
class DummyFileUpdateMonitor
This FileUpdateMonitor does no thing.Normally, you want to u se org.jabref.gui.util.De...
class FileHelper
interface FileUpdateListener
interface FileUpdateMonitor
class ListUtil
Provides a few helper methods for lists.
class MultiKeyMap
class OptionalUtil
class TreeCollector
Merges a list of nodes into a tree. Nodes with a common par ent are added as direct c...
class CustomImportList
Collection of user defined cus tom import formats. The colle ction can be stored and r...
class ExportComparator
class GeneralPreferences
class JabRefPreferences
class JabRefPreferencesFilter
class LastFocusedTabPreferences
enum NewLineSeparator
An enum which contains the pos sible NewLineSeperators Possi ble are CR ("\n"), LF ("\...
interface PreferencesService
class PreviewPreferences
class SearchPreferences
class VersionPreferences
class StyleTesterMain
Useful for checking the displa y of different controls. Not needed inside of JabRef.
class StyleTesterView
class? Application
interface Comparator
class? TreeSet
interface Collector
class? HashMap
interface Comparable
interface Cloneable
class? Exception
class? RuntimeException
class? IOException
interface Runnable
interface DatabaseChangeListener
interface AutoCloseable
class? Thread
class? Authenticator
class? FilterInputStream
interface ResourceLocator
class? FilterReader
interface Parser
A parser converts an InputStre am into a list of BibEntry .
class? OutputStreamWriter
class? FilterOutputStream
interface LocaleProvider
class? StringProperty
interface ObservableList
interface ListChangeListener
interface InvalidationListener
interface ChangeListener
class? DatePicker
class? HBox
class? TextFlow
interface Callback
class? TransformationList
class? CheckBoxTreeItem
class? TableCell
class? SimpleObjectProperty
interface EventListener
class? TextFormatter
class? MultipleSelectionModel
class? GraphicValidationDecoration
class? Dialog
class CompoundEdit
class UndoManager
class AbstractUndoableEdit
class? ListView
class? ScrollPane
class? VBox
class? BorderPane
class? Menu
class? TableColumn
class? TableView
class AbstractAppender
class ApplicationInsightsEvent
interface FileFilter
interface GlyphIcons
class GlyphIcon
class? MenuItem
class? Label
class? TextField
interface Initializable
class? TextArea
class? Tab
class? StackPane
class? Task
class? NotificationPane
class? Pane
class? StringConverter
class? AutoCompletionBinding
interface Action
class CommandBase
class? Action
class? Alert
interface PresenterFactory
interface Thread$UncaughtExceptionHandler