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class? TableView
no source
class? VBox
class CitationKeyPatternPanel
class CitationKeyPatternPanelItemModel
class CitationKeyPatternPanelViewModel
class FieldFormatterCleanupsPanel
class FieldFormatterCleanupsPanelViewModel
class SaveOrderConfigPanel
class SaveOrderConfigPanelViewModel
abstract class AbstractCitationKeyPattern
A small table, where an entry type is associated with a Bib tex key pattern (an Array...
class FieldFormatterCleanup
Formats a given entry field wi th the specified formatter.
abstract class Formatter
The Formatter is used for a Fi lter design-pattern. Extendin g classes have to accept ...
class BibEntryType
interface Field
interface PreferencesService
viewModelbibEntryTypeList 0..* initialKeyPatternpatternListProperty 0..* preferencesviewModelavailableFieldsProperty 0..* availableFormattersProperty 0..* cleanupsListProperty 0..* viewModelprimarySortFieldsProperty 0..*