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class BiMap
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class JFXChipView
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class EasyObservableValue
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class CompositeValidator
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class Validator
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class? Initializable
UIno source
class? Label
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class? TextArea
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class? TextField
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class? HBox
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class UndoManager
class AbstractViewModel
interface DialogService
This interface provides method s to create dialogs and show them to the user.
class AutoCompletePreferences
abstract class SuggestionProvider
This is a simple implementatio n of a generic suggestion pro vider callback.
class ExternalFileTypes
class AbstractEditorViewModel
class CitationKeyEditor
class CitationKeyEditorViewModel
interface ContextMenuAddable
class DateEditor
class DateEditorViewModel
class EditorTextArea
class EditorTextField
class EditorTypeEditorViewModel
class EditorValidator
interface FieldEditorFX
class FieldEditors
class FieldNameLabel
class GenderEditorViewModel
class IdentifierEditor
class IdentifierEditorViewModel
class JournalEditor
class JournalEditorViewModel
class KeywordsEditor
class LinkedEntriesEditor
class LinkedEntriesEditorViewModel
class LinkedFileViewModel
class LinkedFilesEditor
class LinkedFilesEditorViewModel
abstract class MapBasedEditorViewModel
View model for a field editor that shows various options ba cked by a map.
class MonthEditorViewModel
class OptionEditor
Field editor that provides var ious pre-defined options as a drop-down combobox.
abstract class OptionEditorViewModel
class OwnerEditor
class OwnerEditorViewModel
class PaginationEditorViewModel
class PatentTypeEditorViewModel
class PersonsEditor
class PersonsEditorViewModel
class SimpleEditor
class SimpleEditorViewModel
class TextInputControlBehavior
This class contains some code taken from com.sun.javafx.sce ne.control.behavior.TextI...
class TypeEditorViewModel
class URLUtil
class UrlEditor
class UrlEditorViewModel
class YesNoEditorViewModel
interface TaskExecutor
An object that executes submit ted Task s. This interface pr ovides a way of decouplin...
class TemporalAccessorPicker
A date picker with configurabl e datetime format where both date and time can be chan...
class UiThreadStringProperty
This class can be used to wrap a @see StringProperty inside it. When wrapped, any Li...
class LinkedFileHandler
class JournalAbbreviationRepository
A repository for all journal a bbreviations, including add a nd find methods.
class XmpPreferences
class BibDatabaseContext
Represents everything related to a BIB file. The entries ar e stored in BibDatabase, ...
enum BibDatabaseMode
An enum which contains the pos sible BibDatabase Modes.Possi ble are BibTeX and biblat...
class BibEntry
Represents a BibTex / BibLaTeX entry. In case you search fo r a builder as described ...
class LinkedFile
Represents the link to an exte rnal file (e.g. associated PD F file). This class is Se...
class ParsedEntryLink
interface Field
class FilePreferences
class JabRefPreferences
interface PreferencesService
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class Logger
entryfieldfieldBindingfieldValidatorsuggestionProviderpreferencestextFieldviewModeldatabaseContextdialogServicepreferencesServiceundoManagerdatePickerviewModelitemMappreferencesLOGGERitemMaptextAreaviewModeldialogServicetaskExecutortextFieldviewModeljournalAbbreviationRepositorychipViewviewModeldatabaseContextlinkedEntries 0..* LOGGERdatabaseContextdialogServiceentryexternalFileTypesfileExistsValidatorfilePreferenceslinkedFilelinkedFileHandlertaskExecutorxmpPreferencesdatabaseContextdecoratedModelList 0..* dialogServiceviewModeldatabaseContextdialogServiceexternalFileTypesfiles 0..* preferencestaskExecutorLOGGERdatabaseModeviewModeltextAreaviewModelpreferencesitemMapitemMapdecoratedStringPropertyviewModelpreferencesviewModelitemMaptextAreaviewModeldialogServiceitemMap