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class CompositeValidator
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class Validator
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class UndoManager
class AbstractViewModel
interface DialogService
This interface provides method s to create dialogs and show them to the user.
class StateManager
This class manages the GUI-sta te of JabRef, including: curr ently selected database c...
abstract class SimpleCommand
A simple command that does not track progress of the action .
class BibtexStringEditorAction
class BibtexStringEditorDialogView
class BibtexStringEditorDialogViewModel
class BibtexStringEditorItemModel
class PreambleEditor
class BaseDialog
class BibDatabase
A bibliography database. This is the "bib" file (or the lib rary stored in a shared S...
stateManagerdialogServiceviewModelbibDatabasestringsListProperty 0..* combinedValidatorcontentValidatordialogServicestateManagerundoManager