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class? ResourceLocator
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class ImmutableMap
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class Multimap
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class? Runnable
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class? SimpleObjectProperty
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class? ChangeListener
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class? TransformationList
UIno source
class? CheckBoxTreeItem
UIno source
class? Dialog
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class? MultipleSelectionModel
UIno source
class? TableCell
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class? TextFormatter
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class? TextFlow
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class? Callback
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class? GraphicValidationDecoration
interface Dialog
class StateManager
This class manages the GUI-sta te of JabRef, including: curr ently selected database c...
abstract class BackgroundTask
This class is essentially a wr apper around Task . We cannot use Task directly since ...
class BaseDialog
class BindingsHelper
Helper methods for javafx bind ing. Some methods are taken f rom https://bugs.openjdk....
class ColorUtil
class ControlHelper
class CurrentThreadTaskExecutor
Implementation of TaskExecutor that runs every task on the current thread, i.e. in a...
class CustomLocalDragboard
Placeholder class for a custom generic type safe dragboard to be used in drag and dr...
class DefaultFileUpdateMonitor
This class monitors a set of f iles for changes. Upon detect ing a change it notifies ...
class DefaultTaskExecutor
A very simple implementation o f the TaskExecutor interface. Every submitted task is i...
class DialogWindowState
This class is used to store th e size and position of dialog windows so that these pr...
class DirectoryDialogConfiguration
enum DroppingMouseLocation
The mouse location within the cell when the dropping gestur e occurs.
class FieldsUtil
class FileDialogConfiguration
class FileFilterConverter
class IconValidationDecorator
This class is similar to Graph icValidationDecoration but wi th a different style and ...
class JabRefResourceLocator
class NoSelectionModel
Disables selection
class OnlyIntegerFormatter
Formatter that only accepts in teger. More or less taken fro m
class OpenHyperlinksInExternalBrowser
A Hyperlink Click Listener for javafx.WebView to open links on click in the browser ...
class OptionalObjectProperty
Similar to com.tobiasdiez.easy bind.monadic.MonadicObservabl eValue
class OptionalValueTableCellFactory
Constructs a TableCell based o n an optional value of the ce ll and a bunch of specifi...
class RadioButtonCell
class RecursiveTreeItem
class StreamGobbler
interface TaskExecutor
An object that executes submit ted Task s. This interface pr ovides a way of decouplin...
class TextFlowLimited
class Theme
Installs the style file and pr ovides live reloading. JabRef provides two inbuilt the...
class TooltipTextUtil
Utility class with static meth ods for javafx Text objects
class UiThreadList
class ValueTableCellFactory
Constructs a TableCell based o n the value of the cell and a bunch of specified conve...
class ViewModelListCellFactory
Constructs a ListCell based on the view model of the row an d a bunch of specified co...
class ViewModelTableRowFactory
Constructs a TreeTableCell bas ed on the view model of the r ow and a bunch of specifi...
class ViewModelTextFieldTableCellVisualizationFactory
class ViewModelTreeCellFactory
Constructs a TreeTableCell bas ed on the view model of the r ow and a bunch of specifi...
class ViewModelTreeTableCellFactory
Constructs a TreeTableCell bas ed on the view model of the r ow and a bunch of specifi...
class ZipFileChooser
Dialog to allow users to choos e a file contained in a ZIP f ile.
class DelayTaskThrottler
This class allows to throttle a list of tasks. Use case: yo u have an event that occu...
interface FileUpdateMonitor
interface PreferencesService
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class TriConsumer
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class Logger
no source
class EventListener
iconMapLOGGERthrottlers 0..* LOGGERlistenersLOGGERstateManagerthrottlers 0..* LOGGERLOGGERchildren 0..* LOGGERLOGGERpreferencesServiceLOGGERtoOnDragDetected