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class? Comparator
class BibDatabaseDiff
class BibEntryDiff
class BibStringDiff
class BibtexStringComparator
class CrossRefEntryComparator
Compares Bibtex entries based on their 'crossref' fields. E ntries including this fie...
class EntryComparator
This implementation of Compara tor takes care of most of the details of sorting BibTe...
class FieldComparator
A comparator for BibEntry fiel ds
class FieldComparatorStack
This class represents a list o f comparators. The first Comp arator takes precedence, ...
class GroupDiff
class IdComparator
Comparator for sorting BibEntr y objects based on their ID. This can be used to sort ...
class MetaDataDiff
class PreambleDiff
class BibEntry
Represents a BibTex / BibLaTeX entry. In case you search fo r a builder as described ...
class BibtexString
This class models a BibTex Str ing ("@String")
interface Field
class OrFields
class GroupTreeNode
A node in the groups tree that holds exactly one AbstractGr oup.
class MetaData
bibStringDiffs 0..* entryDiffs 0..* newEntrynewStringsortFieldfieldsnewGroupRootnewMetaData