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class LoadingCache
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class CSL
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class LocaleProvider
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class BibTeXConverter
class CSLAdapter
Provides an adapter class to C SL. It holds a CSL instance u nder the hood that is onl...
class CitationStyle
Representation of a CitationSt yle. Stores its name, the fil e path and the style itself
class CitationStyleCache
Caches the generated Citations for quicker access CitationS tyleGenerator generates t...
class CitationStyleGenerator
Facade to unify the access to the citation style engine. Us e these methods if you ne...
enum CitationStyleOutputFormat
class CitationStylePreviewLayout
class JabRefLocaleProvider
A LocaleProvider that loads lo cales from a directory in the current module. This imp...
interface PreviewLayout
Used for displaying a rendered entry in the UI. Due to hist orical reasons, "renderin...
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class Logger
BIBTEX_CONVERTERcslInstanceformatLOGGERSTYLES 0..* citationStylecitationStyleCacheCSL_ADAPTERLOGGERcitationStyle