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abstract class Formatter
The Formatter is used for a Fi lter design-pattern. Extendin g classes have to accept ...
class AddBracesFormatter
class CleanupUrlFormatter
Cleanup URL link
class ClearFormatter
class EscapeAmpersandsFormatter
class EscapeUnderscoresFormatter
class HtmlToLatexFormatter
class HtmlToUnicodeFormatter
class LatexCleanupFormatter
Simplifies LaTeX syntax. org.j abref.logic.layout.format.Rem oveLatexCommandsFormatter...
class NormalizeDateFormatter
This class transforms date to the format yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy -mm..
class NormalizeEnDashesFormatter
class NormalizeMonthFormatter
class NormalizeNamesFormatter
Formatter normalizing a list o f person names to the BibTeX format.
class NormalizePagesFormatter
This class includes sensible d efaults for consistent format ting of BibTeX page numbe...
class OrdinalsToSuperscriptFormatter
This class transforms ordinal numbers into LaTeX superscrip ts.
class RegexFormatter
class RemoveBracesFormatter
class RemoveDigitsFormatter
class RemoveHyphenatedNewlinesFormatter
Removes all hyphenated line br eaks in the string.
class RemoveNewlinesFormatter
Removes all line breaks in the string.
class RemoveRedundantSpacesFormatter
Finds any occurrence of consec utive spaces and replaces it with a single space
class ReplaceTabsBySpaceFormater
Replaces any tab with a space
class ShortenDOIFormatter
class TrimWhitespaceFormatter
Trim all whitespace characters (defined in java) in the stri ng.
class UnicodeToLatexFormatter
class UnitsToLatexFormatter
interface LayoutFormatter
The LayoutFormatter is used fo r a Filter design-pattern. Im plementing classes have t...
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class Logger