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class JAXBContext
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class Unmarshaller
class FieldContentFormatter
This class provides the reform atting needed when reading Bi bTeX fields formatted in ...
class ImportFormatPreferences
abstract class Importer
Role of an importer for JabRef .
Interfaceno source
interface Parser
A parser converts an InputStre am into a list of BibEntry .
class ParserResult
class BibTeXMLImporter
Importer for the BibTeXML form at. check here for details on the format http://bibtex...
class BiblioscapeImporter
Imports a Biblioscape Tag File . The format is described on
class BibtexImporter
This importer exists only to e nable `--importToOpen someEnt ry.bib` It is NOT intende...
class BibtexParser
Class for importing BibTeX-fil es. Use: BibtexParser parser = new BibtexParser(reader...
class CoinsParser
class CopacImporter
Importer for COPAC format. Doc umentation can be found onlin e at:
class CustomImporter
Object with data for a custom importer. Is also responsible for instantiating the cl...
class EndnoteImporter
Importer for the Refer/Endnote format. modified to use arti cle number for pages if p...
class EndnoteXmlImporter
Importer for the Endnote XML f ormat. Based on dtd scheme do wnloaded from Article #12...
class GvkParser
class InspecImporter
INSPEC format importer.
class IsiImporter
Importer for the ISI Web of Sc ience, INSPEC and Medline for mat. Documentation about ...
class MedlineImporter
Importer for the Medline/Pubme d format. check here for deta ils on the format https:/...
class MedlinePlainImporter
Importer for the MEDLINE Plain format. check here for detai ls on the format http://w...
class ModsImporter
Importer for the MODS format. More details about the format can be found here http:/...
class MrDLibImporter
Handles importing of recommend ed articles to be displayed i n the Related Articles tab.
class MsBibImporter
Importer for the MS Office 200 7 XML bibliography format
class OvidImporter
Imports an Ovid file.
class PdfContentImporter
PdfContentImporter parses data of the first page of the PDF and creates a BibTeX ent...
class PdfXmpImporter
Wraps the XMPUtility function to be used as an Importer.
class RepecNepImporter
Imports a New Economics Papers -Message from the REPEC-NEP S ervice. RePEc (Research P...
class RisImporter
class SilverPlatterImporter
Imports a SilverPlatter export ed file. This is a poor forma t to parse, so it current...
class MetaDataParser
class XmpPreferences
class BibDatabase
A bibliography database. This is the "bib" file (or the lib rary stored in a shared S...
class BibEntryType
interface FileUpdateMonitor
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class Logger
LOGGERfileMonitorimportFormatPreferencesLOGGERdatabaseentryTypes 0..* fieldContentFormatterimportFormatPreferencesmetaDataParserparserResultimporterpreferencesLOGGERpreferencesunmarshallerLOGGERLOGGERunmarshallerLOGGERcontextLOGGERparserResultLOGGERimportFormatPreferencesxmpPreferencesLOGGERimportFormatPreferences