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class? Serializable
abstract class Formatter
The Formatter is used for a Fi lter design-pattern. Extendin g classes have to accept ...
class JournalAbbreviationRepository
A repository for all journal a bbreviations, including add a nd find methods.
abstract class AbstractParamLayoutFormatter
This is an abstract implementa tion of ParamLayoutFormatter, which provides some func...
class Layout
class LayoutEntry
interface LayoutFormatter
The LayoutFormatter is used fo r a Filter design-pattern. Im plementing classes have t...
class LayoutFormatterBasedFormatter
When having to use a LayoutFor matter as Formatter, this cla ss is helpful. One usecas...
class LayoutFormatterPreferences
class LayoutHelper
Helper class to get a Layout o bject. LayoutHelper helper = new LayoutHelper(...a rea...
interface ParamLayoutFormatter
This interface extends LayoutF ormatter, adding the capabili ty of taking and addition...
class StringInt
String and integer value.
class TextBasedPreviewLayout
Implements the preview based J abRef's Custom export fitlter s .
class FileLinkPreferences
class NameFormatterPreferences
interface PreviewLayout
Used for displaying a rendered entry in the UI. Due to hist orical reasons, "renderin...
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class Logger
LOGGERlayoutEntries 0..* LOGGERlayoutEntries 0..* option 0..* prefslayoutFormatterfileLinkPreferencesjournalAbbreviationRepositorynameFormatterPreferencesparsedEntries 0..* prefsLOGGERlayoutlayoutFormatterPreferences