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class AutosaveEvent
This Event is fired from org.j abref.logic.autosaveandbackup .AutosaveManager in case ...
class BibDatabaseContextChangedEvent
This Event is automatically fi red at the same time as Entri esEvent , GroupUpdatedEve...
enum ChangePropagation
class EntriesAddedEvent
EntriesAddedEvent is fired wh en at least BibEntry is being added to the BibDatabase .
class EntriesRemovedEvent
EntriesRemovedEvent is fired when at least one BibEntry is being removed from the d...
class BibEntry
Represents a BibTex / BibLaTeX entry. In case you search fo r a builder as described ...
abstract class EntriesEvent
This abstract class pretends a minimal set of attributes an d methods which an entrie...